Friday, December 16, 2011

Losing Weight, like Magic

Eighth Sphere magic is really good for weight loss. Last year around this time, give or take a month, I was around 220, and by the end of winter I was back up to around 230. Spring hit and I lost some weight, and I went on a diet, and I lost some more. I made it down to 217, and then started creeping back up until a month or so ago.

Before Thanksgiving, I decided I wasn't going to get fat this winter. I weighed myself then, and I was at 226. It was getting colder, and I knew I wouldn't be doing much exercise, and the holidays were coming. So I did some magic, 8th Sphere style.

I went into myself and raised my metabolism, ever so slightly. I did it by meditating on it for a couple of minutes. Pictured the chain of manifestation from the Idea world of the Nous to the manifest corpulence, and just sort of raised the vibration of the body manifestation current a bit so it would result in a slightly higher metabolism. You wouldn't believe how very subtle the changes were. Sooooo subtle.

And then I just went about my business. I ate holiday food, ice cream and pie and more pie, and cookies and cakes and egg nog til I was sick once, and then I had a little more pie, because I like pie.

And this morning I'm looking in the mirror after showering, and I wasn't disgusted by my front proportions. As much. So I weighed myself at work,* and I'm down to 213. Two weeks ago I was at 216. Considering the millions of calories I ate, I've got to say, not bad.

Do I recommend it? No, it's dangerous. Taking conscious control over shit that's designed to be autonomous can lead to fucked up bullshit, like blown livers. I know how to fix anything I might fuck up, I go to Raphael of Mercury for shit I don't understand about health, and he takes care of me, or clients. So having a strong relationship with the Archangel of Mercury leaves me with the confidence to make those kind of adjustments, in really small amounts, but I don't advise it to anyone else.

But man, it's convenient.


*I don't own a scale. If I need to know how much I weigh, I'll find one somewhere. If it's that important. Oh, and work has a scale for their Biggest Loser contest, which they cancelled because the Virginia office and the Baltimore office were getting really evil with each other in the competition.


  1. Pie is the best. Congratulations on the weight loss. :)

  2. Nice work. Here's another idea: how about changing your body's working so that any food is assimilated as muscle tissue instead of fat? I do something along these lines using creative visualization, and it works fairly well.

  3. Another thought. Weight gain is probably a side effect of the Jupiter work you have been doing - after all, isn't Jupiter associated with expansion and corpulence?

  4. Wow, so you lost 3 pounds in a week when in scientific theory you should have been holding onto glycogen/water weight from all those tasty, starchy, sugary things?


    Somewhat little known fact, though: eating more sugary crap in cycles can actually boost your metabolism if you've been crash dieting for a sustained period. Depends on your body type.

    People with sluggish metabolisms can't get away with that shit, and there's a body type name for that. They're called "Endomorphs".

    Ectomorphs are people like Jake who just asked about how to gain weight. Hard gainers. They need a slight metabolic slow down!

    And Mesomorphs are the genetic freaks who can still stay in shape, muscles and all, by eating stuff like McDonalds.

    By the way if you ever offered this as a service... you know, it could solve a lot of problems (I'd go as far as to offer to be a guinea pig test subject).

    Might be more trouble than its worth though -- you'd have to weed out the people with already abnormally high metabolisms or severe body dysmorphia.


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