Thursday, December 15, 2011

NYNY: Prompt 1 - Make Way!

GTFO the way, RO's coming!

That's how I figure the universe feels whenever I start getting organized.

The first prompt of the New Year, New You experiment is about Making Way, clearing out the old crap that stand in the way of whatever we've got planned.

I posted three of my major projects I'd like to tackle this year, and when I stilled my mind enough to really think about getting started on it, my mind just sort of shut down. See, I'm a busy guy. A very busy guy. Back in April I started doing major Jupiter rites on a regular basis, and the expansion and flow of blessings came right in. A lot. And brought a lot of work with it.

So I need to clear things out before I even have the space to think about starting anything new. The major things I've got to get done are finishing up the Red Work series of courses, and a ton of client work.

I do, however, have a ton of work to do on my car and house...

Actually, I have a ton of work that needs to be done on my car and house. There's a difference.

See, I'm not a mechanic or a handyman. I'm the unmechanic, the unhandyman. I tried to replace my broken window on my car last night and broke the door. So I have a broken window and a broken door now instead of just a broken window. I have holes in my walls from when I tried to fix the handrail on the steps. I have holes in my ceiling where the plaster fell down when I tried to fix the paint that had bubbled when my air conditioner's condensation pump blew a hose. I have holes in the plaster on the walls in my living room from trying to hang curtains.

I'm a writer, not Bob Villa. So I'm going to write some money-making stuff and pay someone else to do that shit. Know your strengths, know your weaknesses, and make your strengths support your weaknesses. For me, that's writing paid copy.

After I finish the Red Work series of courses, and the client work.

Clearing out my headspace is a bit more difficult. I've got stress from work, and stress from home. My day job is in a precarious position at the moment because America's Congress SUCKS MOTHERFUCKING DONKEY BALLS. My contract was cancelled because the automatic cuts that went into effect last time they couldn't set aside their differences and run the country impacted Medicare, and my job was to come up with a way to save $10.2 billion. We were making progress, but not quickly enough, so they canceled the project and told Obama they'd save the $10.2 billion somewhere else. So I need to do some magic on that, and get something lined up to pay the mortgage next year that's a little less sporadic than online occult sales.
My home-based stress is just your normal father-of-three crap. November 21 is my son's birthday, followed by Thanksgiving, my daughter's birthday December 12th, Christmas, my spouse's birthday January 14, and my other daughter's birthday January 25th. I hate November through January. The stress has been known to overwhelm me.

But the solution to this problem is to catch up on the client work. For example, by doing the Hermetic Diagnoses for other people, I travel the seven spheres and spend hours in contemplation and meditation, communing with the spirits. That in and of itself is really good therapy, and it melts the stress. Other client work will further get me done with stuff.

So those are my plans for Making Way for the projects I have planned.


  1. The ladies of my Dianic Circle are always fond of saying that they needed a wife! ;)

    I'm a writer, not Bob Villa.
    That made me laugh so much because Jow and I suck at everything handy related. We aren't ever going to be self sufficient. But luckily we have a small enough place to "pay a little man to do it" as his mom likes to say.

    That's crazy stressful at work. :( This new economy has taken a toll on my control freakness.

    My Thanksgiving to my birthday are similarly crazzzzzy: My nephew (Thanksgiving), Jow (Dec 13), my sister (Dec 22), xmas, new years and then me (Jan 24). Whew!

    But. As Jow's dad would say, first things first. We're cleaning tomorrow and then xmas decorating.

    Good start!

  2. You and I must get together sometime. We could help each other break stuff.


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