Monday, September 10, 2012

Runesoup's Gordon White on Deeper Down...

Honestly, I'm more excited about hearing Gordon (yes THAT Gordon) speak on Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole this Tuesday than I was about being on the show myself.

I swear to god, life just keeps getting better and better.


  1. I'll be honest... I loved your show. It totally rocked hearing your voice, because now when I read the Red Work course, it happens in your voice. Morgan Freeman, "titty sprinkles" meme on Facebook, yada yada jing jing jing and all that.

    But I must admit, I AM looking forward to hearing Mr Whisky Rant go to town on whatever they get him to talk about.

  2. It's been really nice having your voice, Jason's and now Gordon's in my head, now that I've heard all three of you. Thanks for making the time to participate in these chats, and making them available.


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