Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pirates! Pirates Everywhere! Er...

Pirates are cool.

They drink, they fight, they screw, they take what they want, and if you have a problem with that, you have every right to kill them, or die trying.

Obese bespeckled faces rarely lit by more than the glow of a monitor are not the faces of pirates. 

Copyright infringement is not piracy. It's petty theft. 

Ok, so maybe it's worth millions, maybe, on a grand scale to huge publishing houses, but who cares? They weren't spending that money on their authors, fer sure. They have been parasites feeding off the talent forever. No matter what arguments anyone makes about them, that's all they are. Parasites. 

The publishing industry are leeches complaining that they're being bitten by mosquitoes. The original host is so befuddled by the blood loss he finds himself defending the leeches from the mosquitoes.

Fuckin' insanity, man.

I write because I have to. I charge because TANSTAAFL. You disagree, fine. I'm not here to argue, or to feed parasites, and I sure the fuck am not here in this beautiful material manifest world walking around with a cock and two hands so I can chase cash. 

I came to create, to shape, to mold an aesthetic I think is awesome. I came for the magic, and the sex. Hell, I might still have nerve endings I haven't even stimulated yet. What a shame!

I'm not wasting time on infringers who wish they were as cool as pirates, not unless there's something of value to point out.


  1. The thing is: what you have to say has value, sir. I've paid money for some of your writings in the past, and would be willing to do so in the future. For sure.

  2. I place ditto marks around J.B.'s comment. Anything of value is worth the price of admission. That is the distinction. Your work is worth the price.

  3. Agreed. Your words are worth paying for, not stealing.

  4. interesting. never saw you do that before, take off your previous post. wonder why

  5. Thanks, all.

    Lance, no clue wtf you're talking about. For some reason, your post is pissing me off though. Let's analyze it.

    You think I took off the last post. I did not. The last post I made was about the Indian gang of pink ladies beating abusers with bamboo. It's still there. I didn't touch it, not even briefly.

    So your fundamental point is false. People being wrong doesn't piss me off though. So what is it?

    "interesting ... never saw ... before ... wonder why."

    You're analyzing me based on a false belief. You are evaluating me based on actions I have not performed. You did not ask if I removed the previous post, or come straight out and ask, "why did you remove the last post?" Instead you took a false perception and began noodling over what it means about me, taking it as an indicator of my character.

    Ok, makes sense that I'd get pissed. My ex-wife did that stupid shit all the time, and continues to this very day. It's a human trait that annoys the fuck out of me. It's really easy to think we can figure out what's going on in other people's heads based on their actions, but it's false. The only way to really know what a person thinks is to ask them, and hope they tell the truth. Everything else is conjecture.

  6. LOl, my apologies, senility setting in. So many people are talking about this subject I got your blog mixed-up with

    My sincere apologies. A lot has been going on the last few days in my personal life and I had a brain fart :-)


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