Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The GREAT Work... and Babalon... and the Beast.

The Magnum Opus. The Great Work. The Really Big Process of Solve et Coagula, the breaking apart, and the bringing together, to be broken apart, and dispersed. Transmutation and Transmigration of the Soul of the Man.

It's that Work. Yes. that Work. That is why we're here. Today. That's why I write, that's why you come here and read.

So... how do I put this...

I'm pacing in my mind, because it helps me think. And this one requires thought and care as I pick the words.  It's a story of what happened that changed everything. There are pieces I don't understand, even though I know what happened, and there are things that I can't talk about, even if I could put them into words.

But it's really simple too.

See, I went through some changes in my personal life that have worked out in my favor. A lot. I am able now to focus my attention ("the Word of the day is Focus") on the Great Work, and I have done so. The more attention I focused on reclaiming efforts, the more amazing things happened in my material world. Things have been interesting.

I had my perspective on life radically altered. The Solve phase really solved a lot. The Coagula phase has been incredible. I'm being put back together again with more pieces than I had before, and the pieces I had that are being salvaged are made shiny and new again.

I feel again, and my feelings are all so sensitive and rich and full. Things taste better, the world is lit from within, and I am never really very far from the Spirit world that overlaps and permeates everything, all at once, not at all unlike a painted whore...


And there's Babalon... She only wants everything poured out in her Cup, nothing more than everything I've got. And I don't mind, because she's turned out to be someone I knew a long time ago. She is Binah, in a way, and also the Spiritus Mundi, who gave flesh to the spirit for Love's sake in the Pymander.

Babalon is an awareness, a ... relationship. She's a deity too, but she's also a Gate. She's the escort, the force of gravity that draws you through yourself to the other side. She wants everything because that's what it takes to get you in the right shape to be on the other side. You have to be pulled completely apart to be brought completely together. And the things that go on during the process are inexpressible, pure beauty mainlined direct into the veins...

And then there's the Beast. I thought it would be something like Her, a Deity that was also a frame of mind, and in a way, yes, that's true. But in other ways, not at all.


Beastliness, it turns out, is a trait, a characteristic of the Magician who actively creates the World. The Emerald Tablet is a path, a guidebook, an instruction manual for the Hermetic Magician. Ascend, Descend in Power, CREATE THE WORLD!

That's the Hermetic Mandate. Create your fucking world. For your pleasure. For your fun.

The Beast is doing that. All the time. Because always... in all ways...
the Beast is Fucking.

The Beast is Fucking the Scarlet Woman, Sowing the Seeds of ALL EXISTENCE at once. He has ascended to the heavens and returned, empowered, the manifestation of the Seven Flames before the Throne of God on Earth in a Unifeied form, and writhing on him is the Sacred Whore, receiving his seed and in turn manifesting his Will.

The Beast is Fucking.

Hot passionate Fucking. Tender, sweet, intense Fucking. Fucking and cumming, cumming and fucking. He is enflamed, engorged, and insatiable, and his partner is likewise consumed with the urge to receive the seed, to conceive the child of the union in the explosive heat of the ongoing crash of orgasm after orgasm. He is ever cumming, she is ever conceiving, yet they are never spent.

There's a sexual aspect to the Beast and the Harlot that is somewhat subtle, and relatively easy to miss, so I'll just make sure it's clear:
The magic of the Beast and the Harlot is sex magic, and is performed and activated by having sex. 
With a partner. A living human partner in the flesh. And not just any partner, one who understands:

  • what... 
  • the... 
  • fuck... 
  • is... 
  • going... 
  • on

It is not masturbation. It is not marital sex. It's not hot horny teenage sex. It's ... deeper. And not about anything that sex is normally about.

Drivers, you cum, you lose. Relax. Don't do it. Orgasm's ok, but not the cumming. Keep your seed inside. Pay attention. To the foundations of the Kingdom. Your heavenly constellations are buried in the roots of your Kingdom, mang. Dig deeper. See the Stars.

Driven, you come, you score. The Cup wins every time.

And Babalon's sitting there, just trying to get pregnant the whole time. On purpose*. And you've got to respect that, and give her something to bring into being. You will give her something, I guarantee it. What will it be?

Nothing less than all you are will suffice, nothing less than all you do. Consciously, and on purpose.

It's what you're here for, to live in Her, United for the sake of Love.


And gents, when you're not fucking, don't cum.** Don't jack off. Let the pressure grow and be transformed. In three days it turns into something else, something beyond fucking. Something holy that can be channeled as you Will. Plug that into seals in your throat chakra for some in-ter-est-ing stuff when you're nowhere near the priestess.

* Thanks be to Sefriel for the heads up, but even forewarned, the urge to procreate is a massive force to be reckoned with.

** You should be holding your seed when fucking the scarlet woman too, you bastard, but I understand. She's hot. Remember that's the aim though, eh? It opens Gates.


  1. This post, Rufus, has an almost ecstatic feel to it. Almost as if it was written in the midst of a trance-state. Very much the feel of The Red Goddess. I think we've both felt her touch of late, and Know that she is real.

    I hope that you can channel this and make it into something truly spectacular.

  2. Man... the only response I can think of to this is that if you haven't read the comic series Promethea, you should. It's the only thing I've encountered that comes close to this type of imagery.

  3. A long time ago, a psychic told me that in a past incarnation, I was a priestess. She spoke of how the priestess served as a conduit and a gatekeeper to the divine and that through sex, or mystical union the man is transformed and is able to reach a state of Godliness. She advised me to remember this and to realize my power. Looking back I know now it was the Goddess speaking through her to remind me of my abilities and purpose because this psychic had no background in hermeticism or QBL and at the time, neither did I! I wish my husband would be open to this spiritual truth regarding sex and not think it to be something weird or morally suspect. My question then is, in my circumstance, how can I achieve this transformative state? Because there is something in it for the woman too ;-) Can it be done in with an astral partner or does it lose it's effectiveness if not done physically? Sorry for the length of this btw.

  4. Welcome to the "God-fucking-a-redhead" Club, bro. We have an Order for fun and prophet, so's you know... ;)

  5. Evie, I don't know. I'm inclined to say it can't be done without a physical partner. This is a special circumstance kind of thing, not something anyone can do.


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