Thursday, September 06, 2012

Opening the Gate of Jupiter

Wow, it's been a really hectic week. I started a few epic blog posts that I'l never get back to. I've got to start writing shorter posts. Time fills quickly when you're tapping the Jupiter Current.

Everything fills quickly when you tap the Jupiter current. Prosperity, health, wealth, it's just a boomin', brothers and sisters.

Remember those two weeks of Hermetic angelic planetary conjurations I did? Scratching at the Gates of the Eight Sphere? They culminated in the physical manifestation of a Muse. Polyhymnia, or one of her legions, I suspect. That's one of the epic blog posts I started that you'll probably never see. She's a force of Nature, blew into an occult meetup two Saturn days ago, and reminded me that certain core principles in life are amazing, we're free to be honest and deal with the consequences, and there's nothing, absofuckinglutely nothing keeping you from living a miraculous life. On a daily basis. Except your own bullshit and lies.

On a much more personal level, and in the form of a completely different manifestation than the Muse, I've also apparently been tapped by the Goddess Babalon. I'm pretty sure Babalon loves me. I thought I knew what smoldering heat was about, but I was wrong. Calcinato, baby. Damn.

So yeah, the Jupiter current cascades down through the other planetary spheres, cleansing them out in a rush of flowing power, flowing through channels, filling in details, making you alive and excited again. I can't recommend Jupiter magic enough. Int brings health and necessary wealth to all the spheres. The Business Booster rite is an excellent example.

A while ago, I started offering Business Booster rites. They're aimed primarily at business owners who already have a working model in place. In this rite, I conjure up the forces of Jupiter and release them into the person's business. Having a structure in place is vitally important, so I don't recommend it to people who just have an idea for a business. You need to have the framework in place, and then Jupiter will fill it in with all kinds of joy and opportunity.*

I've got testimonials to the success of this rite on a few blog posts. It's priced at $1,200 to deter people who don't have a business model in place that's strong enough to handle the degree of the forces I focus during the rites. If your business is strong enough to have $1,200 to invest in increasing profits 50% or more, it's strong enough to handle the forces. If it's not generating that kind of money, the Jupiter forces released would likely overwhelm you, leaving you in worse shape than you started.

There are seven rites performed over five to six weeks, each building on the previous. The seven rites go through the seven planets, but they are all focused on creating and developing a channel to focus the expansive beneficent forces of Jupiter into every facet of your manifestation. It's a relatively simple concept, but the results are incredible.

I've been through roughly the equivalent of the Business Booster rite lately. I've started tapping into the current of the Jupiter cult I belong to, and giving it places to manifest in my daily life. It's been an amazing trip, and it's not limited to money, thought that's been flowing in with abundance. It's manifested through Mars, the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and the Moon, and Saturn with his Occult wisdom, and guidance in expanding boundaries, removing limitations, and ... enjoying my freedom. Libertas.

We are all free to live and love as we will. We sacrifice that freedom for perceived "greater good" goals and aims. Sometimes it's valid, there's a time to go do whatever the hell you feel like doing, and there's a time to go to work and make SharePoint sites, even though it sucks and doesn't really work as planned, ever.

But there are other freedoms that we put aside to meet responsibilities that we never should put aside. We accept being miserable because we think we should for some greater good. I spent 13 years in a terrible marriage because I thought I should, for my ex, for my kids. I thought I owed it to them to suffer through the hell of life with my ex, even though we were both miserable together. Totally stupid, brothers and sisters, it's totally stupid. When events transpired that brought the truth to light and it was clearly communicated, we split up and went our separate ways, both of us finding happiness, and the kids expressing their relief that they don't have to worry about their parents fighting every time they're in the same room for more than ten minutes.

What I'm saying isn't new, it's old. Really old. Older than Do what thou Will, older than Nothing is real, all is permitted, but the same thing. Pretty much. Thou art god, go, be, do, Know Thyself. This above all things, to thy own self be true. Fuck this shit, I'm leaving.

Take a look at your life, take a look at what you're doing and what you want. Do magic to empower and secure your kingdom. Make that your goal, Seek First the Kingdom of God, and All These Things Shall be Added Unto You, and shit.

It's a simple formula. Do magic, and have fun.

* If this describes you, and you'd like me to perform this rite on your behalf, shoot me an email and we'll talk.


  1. I have just restarted my job search today, so I invoked Jupiter this morning (during the hour of jupiter). Now here I am reading about Jupiter in his second hour of his day. I enjoy a good coincidence.

  2. Excellent.

    I'm new to working with planets, etc., and have been wondering about really working with Jupiter right now, since from what I've read it's in its Detriment (Gemini) for about a year and also I'm a Gemini. How does one go about getting around that, or is it less of a big deal than it seems?

    Thank you.

    Anonymous N.

  3. What you say about being able to handle a Jupiter current unleashed is true. I invoked Jupiter when I began my massage therapy practice and it was great until I realized that my body, my hands literally could not handle massaging all the people who wanted appointments.


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