Thursday, October 25, 2012

Review of the Plan

Ok, so here's the plan...


Non-RO Participants:

At some point during the day, you will perform the Gate Rite of the day. Today is Thursday, so you will do the Gate of Jupiter. You will perform this rite in ANY of the Jupiter hours available today. Check THIS WEBSITE to get your local planetary hours, or buy their Hours app from the app store on your phone. Worth the investment!

The default settings for their site is London. If you live anywhere else, click THIS LINK to change the settings. If your city isn't listed, pick a place that has the same sunrise as yours, or pretty close. If you want to add your own city, scroll down a bit and look for the Interactive Location Selector link. That lets you pick where you live using Google Maps.

Note on the Rites: Suits, Ties, Liquor and Cigars first thing in the morning is not for everyone. That part is a nicety, not a necessity. What matters is doing the rite. Use whatever you have available. Substitute as necessary. The closer to the original you can get, the better, but whatever.

The KEY pieces are the conjuration rite, the hymn, and meditation on the Seals of the Planets. Use the Seals on the right in the Meditational Contemplation section for this. That's what I'll be using to draw us together.

RO Participants

I'll be performing the rites at dawn. I'll be doing the same rites that you do, but I will be including a part where I specifically Work on getting the forces of the planets integrated into your spheres specifically to prepare you for the Eighth Sphere Work.

The Secret Purpose

It's not that secret. I'm doing this to bring some miracles to town. I did this for a week, and had my whole direction in life turned around. I did it for another week, and had my life strapped to a rocket and launched to the stars. I was reborn, remade, and revivified. I really want to tell you how amazing my life is, but I can't. So I'm just going to show you what can happen with a little magic, and brothers and sisters, this is a LITTLE magic. This is just aimed at making you a more complete person, that is, more able to do what you came here to do. Wait til you get to the part where you start using it to create your world.

My main intent though is to demonstrate how awesome magic is. To demonstrate the value of doing it daily, across the whole spectrum of the spheres, not just one or two throughout the week. I hope it inspires folks to do it again the next week. I'll be doing this again next week, by the way, so don't panic. One week of these rites changed me. Two weeks changed my entire world to ... utterly cool awesomeness.

I want that for you too. Understand that I'm taking you home, and showing you the places you used to play before you were a kid. I'm reminding you where you came from. I'm showing you your awesome family members, and how you're one of the spirits that create the world, not just the observer monkey trapped in circumstance.

In my experience, there will be a spectrum of results. Some people will have awesome coolness like I have, others will get jack shit. Most people will be somewhere in the middle, seeing things happen in their favor, but not necessarily a blatant miracle.

Wherever you fall on the spectrum, know this is a week long intensive, and it will be followed up by another week long intensive. Take it in stages.

OK, Jupiter hour. It's showtime. See you soon.

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