Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Beast and the Harlot and You

Oh, there are so many things I could say about this one. Almost half of them are uninformed opinions that shouldn't be spoken in public yet, if ever, and the other half are none of your business...

I mean, they're Mysteries. Mysteries that you should totally go explore for yourself, at your earliest opportunity.

But there's one thing I can tell you about the two, the Beast and the Harlot... They are not just a couple of entities, and they are not just forces that manifest between two humans. They are these things, but they are also more, an image, an aspect, an avatar of you. And me.

The Beast, your flesh and bone, the Harlot, your spirit and mind, together taking in everything they can as they rumble through life, creating and destroying the world as they see fit in a bacchanalian frenzy of sensational experiences. They are the unkempt Holy Hermaphrodite, Hermes-Aphrodite conjoined in an eternal glorious fuck, an orgasmic unification that creates the current that runs the world. She rides him as he bounds about, and though she holds the bridle, it is often loose, and no one can tell who leads, who might be in control, or if either of them are even interested in the idea of control, or the idea of arriving at a destination at all.

That's you, brothers and sisters. That's me. On the inside.That's us when we resort to magic, every time. That's us crossing that threshold between us the experiencers and Us the Creators, that mad cackle of glee that almost-but-not-quite manages to escape as we feel the powers flow through us and the magic takes effect. It's wrapped in intent, and sheathed in desires, filtered through attachment, but at essence most raw it is the urge to have fun.

Lust. Passion. The frictional catalysis of the Work..

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