Wednesday, October 24, 2012

You are Cordially Invited to Participate in Seven Spheres in Seven Days: A Demonstration

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Rufus Opus

 is Happy to Announce 

the Commencement of 

A Seven Day Series of Planetary Magical Rites

involving the Daily Conjuration of 

The Intelligences and the Spirits 

of the 

Seven Spheres

Starting tomorrow at dawn in the Baltimore metro area of the Chesapeake Swamp, Rufus Opus shall begin the performance of Seven Days of Planetary Magic. He does this shit all the time, but is doing it up right on a massive scale. 

Just to prove a point. 

This is primarily aimed at bringing the Kingdom of the participating Magician into being. It's sort of a ... massive, global, group rite of empowerment and blessing. That lays the foundation for the manifestation of miraculous shit that no one will believe.

I'll be doing the Seven Gates Rites, using the seals of the Intelligences and the Spirits of the Planets to conjure the specfic aspects of the planetary forces to manifest the results through the spheres of the participants at dawn for a week. [Edit: forgot to tell you when you should do the rites: You will participate at any planetary hour of the planetary day.] As I perform the Rites, I'll be weaving us all together into a massive synergistic ball of awesomeness that spreads around the globe and transforms the world into a place of wonder and amazement. For those of us who participate, at any rate.

Most of my audience already has the Gates Rites. You guys are awesome, by the way, thanks for that. This rite has a several core basic purposes. To bless you and to keep you, to reveal the light of the face of god shining upon you and through you into your world. To make you happy. To release some extra powerful juju. For the joy of doing it on a massive scale.

And for a secret purpose related to tricking you into doing the Great Work and becoming the god of your personal world on purpose.

We'll be beginning at DAWN tomorrow. Sorry for the short notice, but oh well. It is what it is. Can't wait, people's lives are at stake. We can't wait for it to be convenient for you. We'll do it again, real soon. No worries.

[Edit: Again, you'll be performing the rite during ANY PLANETARY HOUR OF THE PLANETARY DAY. We're starting in Jupiter because it's Thursday, and I like Jupiter. Use this link, edit the location, and get the hours if you don't have it already.]


  1. I am intrigued. I assume that this means Dawn my time?

  2. Any planetary hour of your planetary day is fine.

  3. Sweet! Much needed too!

  4. It will do me good to get up at a decent hour for once...

  5. I'm in. (even as my subconscious hears your devlish, evil-genius-like laugh

  6. M.C. et all, more details about my secret plans can be found in the FB discussions.

  7. So Seven consecutive days? Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury?

    I'll commit. I can always do it late at night if need be.

  8. "Raises hand" Yes, I will participate though I have to work the logistics out for one of the days since I will be traveling

  9. So want to, but my SA is reeeeeeally putting the kibosh on planetary work right now. I'm going through elementary school again. :/

  10. Can you do these 7 day rites on a six monthly basis.for those who've missed out

  11. @Ag, I can't make any promises, shit happens. But I will be doing these for the next two weeks for sure. After that, it will depend on results and requests and honestly, how much time I have. Tie is precious, and this is already blowing up into something bigger than anticipated, with a discussion group and shit. :D

  12. I didn't see this post until noon today, and almost passed it up on account of that. I then got clobbered by omens.

    As I don't own the gates rites, I'll be freestying it with some Orphic hymns, but i'm in.

  13. I'm totally in. I just now saw this post, but I still have about 20 minutes until a Jupiter hour so I haven't missed out yet. Thanks RO!!


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