Friday, June 21, 2013

Advanced Planetary Magic?

Hell yeah, Advanced Planetary Magic!

So the other day, Jason says he's got his final draft ready for his Planetary Magic chapbook. He's pinged me about it off and on over the last few months as he wrestled through some of the tougher parts, and I've been really curious about the final outcome. I understood his approach intellectually, but I wasn't sure how it would turn out in practice.

It turned out fantastic.

What this book provides is a set of nuanced applications of each of the planetary spheres that it takes magi working directly with the planetary forces years to get to when working with each individual planet.

That's a short sentence, really. Read it again for emphasis. Think about it.

In my Modern Angelic Grimoire, I provide the means to conjure up the seven archangels of the planets and to ask for initiation into each of the spheres. In the Gates Series, I provided the means to tap into the forces of the planets to establish and maintain your personal kingdom. These approaches provide realy powerful methods of empowerment that pave the way for the development of a very subtle and nuanced ability to work with the forces of each of the planets to influence your personal reality.

What Jason provides in his chapbook is a comprehensive method of tapping into the more subtle frces of the planetary powers without necessarily having gone through each of the planetary initiation processes. While it doesn't take the place of the deeper planetary sphere work, it definitely provides an effective method to access the more advanced results without having finished all the work yourself. It also provides insight into the potential of each of the planetary spheres that you don't necessarily think about until you've worked with them for a while. This book is, quite frankly, the cliff's notes of a master.

At the end of the book, Jason expresses his hesitancy in claiming the word "Advanced" in the title. It demonstrates his inherent modesty, which I fortunately do not share. This booklet truly deserves the word "Advanced" in every sense. As he always does, Jason has gone deep into the applicability of the magic he discusses and returned with a system and methodology that lets the reader utilize his insight, experience and initiation into the spheres in a way that they may not yet have actually earned on their own. It demonstrates not only the more advanced nuances you can use with planetary magic, but it puts them into practical real life situations that give you the opportunity to use the various aspects of each planet in your daily life situations.

If you're a student of any of my courses, I can't recommend this enough to you. It takes things that we can only hint about in the discussions of each individual sphere and teaches you how to take those hints and use them in daily practice. The methodology is direct, relatively simple, and damned effective. Go buy it and read it. RUN, DO NOT WALK.

It's incredible.

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