Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Get a Free Jupiter Blessing from RO... There's a Catch.

Hi there! Weird request time, something I haven't done before and won't do again. And it's tied into the Erisian thing.

Ok... so... a friend of mine is in a contest to win the status as the "Biggest Rush Fan" from some stupid radio contest. I think it's stupid. Rush? I mean, they're alright... but ... Biggest Fan? Whatever.

Regardless of my opinion of his taste in music, I'd really like to get him up to the top of the list. He helped me out a lot before he even knew I existed by putting hyperdiscordia online in the 90s. It would be fucking awesome if we could push him up over the top.

So please take the time to vote for Chris R. at the link below:


I'll set up a Jupiter blessing for anyone who votes for him every day for the next six days, something specifically tied to wealth, prosperity, happiness, and joy. It's free Jupiter blessings for clicking a button on a web page from a founding Frater of the G4J.

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