Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Event Management

So a friend/colleague asked something about the blessing through the web tech, and since it's been a LONG ASS TIME since I posted anything particularly useful, I thought I'd share how I'm handling this.

This is not "internet magic." This is web-distributed communication of an event, but it's still just regular old human Event Management. I'm blessing all who participate in a specific event, the voting process on a web site. It's not a new phenomenon at all. All prescribed sacrifice/offering systems going back to the shamans and the animal totem spirits of our most ancient ancestors operated on the same principles, basically. The web part of this is just the latest way of organizing it.

So to practically manage this one, I generate a chart of the moment I posted the first notice to the web. Then I get the name of the Genius of that chart, and make a lamen for it (paper, cause I can print up the template and write in its name). I do the standard conjure routine:

  • Asperges me
  • Consecrate space/rite/fire/stone
  • Conjuration of HGA
  • Conjuration of Tzadqiel
  • Conjuration of Genius
  • Statement of Intent
  • License to Depart

The Statement of Intent is where I explain I'm asking for Tzadqiel to assign an angel to bless the people who participate in this event, and to Work with the Genius of the moment to coordinate and distribute the blessings.

Pretty straight forward stuff.

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