Monday, August 12, 2013

Starting with Money

While taking to a new friend at NOTOCON this weekend, the subject of money magic came up. We joked about how money fixes everything (it doesn't) and all the problems go away (they don't), and the conversation turned.

But I've been thinking about it a lot more. I make a lot of money. I used magic to get a good job and I make lots now, it works. Fairly simple stuff with magic can set you up financially, and do so relatively quickly.

Your problems do not go away when you make a lot of money, it's true... But your money problems do. Money problems take up a lot of bandwidth. Moist of us have serious shit to take care of in life, tell purposes for incarnating that make a difference. But it takes power to be able to do that. Wisdom. It takes initiation, and the kind of dedication and focus that you can't get when you're worried about feeding the kids and paying the mortgage.

So money magic matters a lot, honestly. You don't do it to solve all your problems, you do it so you can get to Work solving the only real problem you have: the accomplishment of your Will.

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