Monday, August 26, 2013

The Magus Factory

I really want to set up a Magus factory where I pump out magi at a rate that blows people's minds. That's my secret plan with the RO Personal Treatment. One on one magus making.

I have a vision. I want to live in a world of enlightened beings. I want to establish a living, breathing network of people enjoying the lives of divine kings, and helping others do so too. Together, we will change the face of Arrakis. 

I've already started. I have a core group of students who are totally ready for this kind of thing. They're already doing it, in fact. There's an unlikely mage, a Pallas, a Sam, and a Black Magdalene who are all set to do this, or are already in progress.

And others. Ian. Ahem. 

And some folks I won't mention because. Just because.

So anyway, I'm going to be having some Magus Training Seminars. If I think you're ready, I've either already mentioned you in this post or I'll be talking to you soon in IMs.

But frankly... what do I know? I'm pretty insular.

If you think you're ready for some advanced training, or if you want to lay the foundation to get here with us,  let me know. You know where you're at better than I do.




Because the world is shit for a lot of people, and we can make it better. Just by showing people who they are, and what they can do when they turn on.

These seminars are going to focus on tapping into that awesome arm-hair raising holy spirit when you talk to people, connecting with other people's geniuses, and waking them up from their sleep. Patterns to look for, the basics to teach, and the ways we get to totally cheat as magi.

Because fuck playing fair. Just... Don't even. I...


Much love brothers and sisters!

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