Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cthulhu pictures

For those looking for pictures of the Cthulhu plushie, please see the Artist's Blog Post where she talks about it. She's got awesome sketches she's done there too. Everyone should visit her sites and enjoy the mystical and magical Work she does.

To get pics off my camera, I have to plug it into a wall outlet, then plug it into the PC, then find the files, then copy-paste them, then upload them, blah blah blah. And my office is thoroughly trashed at the moment. Cthulhu fits right into the chaos. I'm still unpacking from the move a month or two ago. And seriously, as annoying as it is to read my whining about the work that goes into getting pics off my camera, that's how annoying it is to have to do it. The cords are packed away, and I'm out of outlets near my PC. The camera cord has a huge transformer on it that takes up all the plug space on the thing (with the thing).

Susanne's got the pics already up.


  1. I just want to squeeze and squeeze that thing. Its cuteness will dispell any evil that comes your way. Keeping it in the house is good. On a high shelf to keep a look out for all below its presence.

  2. I have a plush Cthulhu. I sleep with him every night. In the morning, I tuck him in so that he can continue sleeping. I sleep much better with him than I ever did before.

    I also have a Christmas Cthulhu wreath. If you didn't know who it was, you wouldn't know. It is very, very cute, even classy, for the season.

    I heart Cthulhu.


  3. Do you really sleep with Cthulhu Persephone? He seems a bit feisty and has a bad rep 'round these parts. People talk about folks going insane around him, or something like that. I've also heard from reliable sources that he wants to destroy the universe.

    How is it that women always fall for the bad guys / gods? ;) Hehe


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