Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hermetic Course Outline

Before I LOSE all my work, I'm posting the high-level outline. There are additional specific tasks under the following bullets that are detailed assignments and instruction.

This will be a paid course. One of the sessions will include the Modern Angelic Grimoire, specifically rewritten for this course. I'm charging for it because:
  • I'm investing a lot of time into the development of this course
  • I will also be grading the work from my students, providing insight and direction as necessary
  • Most importantly, people who don't pay for stuff don't do the Work. It saves me a lot of wasted time.

Now, there's this idiot friend of mine that got all stoned and said that I should NEVER charge for spiritual teachings because if it was RIGHTEOUS, then the UNIVERSE would support me.

For all you people that expect the UNIVERSE to pay my mortgage for teaching you, please feel free to go directly to the UNIVERSE for your education (i.e., fuck off).

There are three basic levels I'm working on:

The "Novice" Level

Covers the core basics of Hermetic Magic.
  • The Elemental, Planetary, Celestial, and Trans-Celestial Spheres
  • The Goal and Role of a Magician
  • Finding and Using Occult Resources
  • Holy Guardian Angels, Geniuses, and Agathos-Daimons
  • Spirit Conjuration Basics
  • Practical Magic for Every Day Activities
The "Adept" Level

Covers The Great Work in Practice.
  • Attaining Knowledge and Conversation with the HGA
  • Practical Planetary Magic (Modern Angelic Grimoire)
  • Introduction to Hermetic Merkavah
  • Practical Sub-Lunar Magic
The "Magister" Level

Covers the "PHD" level of Hermetic esoteric practices that don't even get really interesting until you've done the preparatory work of the initial levels.
  • Hermetic Alchemical Transformation of the Body, Mind, and Soul
  • The Eighth and Ninth Spheres
  • On Becoming a "Power"
  • The Final Transformation
This is all pretty formative, and as I provide the sessions to my test crew, we'll see how it works out. I'm still working on the cost per session. I expect to be running these in parallel, so at any given time any of you could be taking any level of the classes, assuming you have finished something of the previous levels. In plain English, that means they won't cost too terribly much.

If you're already sure you're past the Novice stage, I'll take an essay explaining some basic stuff in lieu of the first course, but the things I'm teaching build on the previous Work, and it won't do a lot of good if you haven't done some basic initiatory stuff I'll be covering in the Novice sessions.


  1. I know you say you're charging. I notice you don't say how much.

    Depending on cost, I'm in.

  2. I also am anxiously awaiting the fee schedule! Sounds right up my alley. :)

  3. If I can get permission from my Elders to do so, I'd be interested in taking the novice course. As a witch, Hermetic magick is a huge gap in my occult knowledge...

  4. Reminds me of a joke:

    Flood waters are coming in and people start evacuating. The police tell this man to pack up and leave but he stands on his front porch and says "You all go on. My God will save me."

    The waters keep coming and the man is on the second floor of his house when the boat comes by to collect the stragglers. He yells out, "You all go on. My God will save me."

    Only a small section of the roof is above water when the helicopter crew tries to save the man but he says, "You all go on. My God will save me."

    When the man gets to heaven, after drowning int he flood, he asks God, "Why didn't you save me?" God replies, "I tried three times."

    The point - the Universe will support you. Put a price on your class and the people of the Universe will pay your price and take your class. It isn't going to literally rain money on you.

  5. Hi, I could be interested to attend your course. I'd like to receive more info. Thank you!


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