Monday, March 16, 2009

Planetary Tinctures

So the subject comes up on a list today, you can make planetary tinctures using radionics. I've actually been working on something like that using the Initiation into Hermetics technique of quenching red-hot gold in holy water to create a fluid condenser, then placing that over the LED in The Box with the appropriate spirit conjured and their Seal on the 'trodes.

But what good is this planetary-charged fluid condenser? I mean, I can get some powerful vibes off the charged water using this technique, but... so what? I mean, I can put a vial of Venus water in Bune's Spirit Pot. I can baptise candles for planetary magic. I can anoint my forehead for explorative mediations in the Seven Heavens. I can use it to Lube the Merkavah Chariot, or at least water the horses...

But big deal, you know? I already have seven planetary talismans that knock your socks off on my altar. It's not like I make a lot of hocus-pocus stuff for people to use in their every day life. I have a planetary power generator, and it seems like it would be just AWESOME... if I could only think of something to use it for.

Anyone wanna buy some Planetary Tinctures? Low low rates. :D

Or if you have any ideas for how this kind of thing might be used that I haven't thought of, let me know. I'm thinking I could put them in mojo bags (I can put the charged water in these little brown glass vials), but again, what good would that do? I really don't want a ton of mojo bags in my house.


  1. My magical working group made a set of planetary condensers awhile back and I use them pretty often for all sorts of things.

    (1) You can dress candles with them, as in hoodoo-type spells, when using candles either as a spell focus or to mark your circle.

    (2) You can anoint magical links with them to strengthen the connection between the planetary energy and the link.

    (3) You can use them for consecrating planetary tools and implements.

    (4) You can anoint any planetary talisman with them and see if it increases the talisman's effectiveness. Mine seem to.

    (5) You can consume them in the context of various alchemical rituals, or for practical applications like balancing the planetary energies of your subtle body.

    That's not an exhaustive list either. I find that even when I'm using a really powerful planetary talisman or implement that works great on its own, a little planetary condenser can still give it a boost.

  2. Have you thought of leaving it in the room, while doing sex magick?


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