Thursday, March 26, 2009

Weird Wide web

Nothing Magical today of note.So far anyway.

But I found this image in my ongoing battles with workplace stress and boredom:

A nice tribute to his daughter? A horrifying image that will haunt my nightmares? I can't tell.

Maybe it's the curve of the arm?

I really love the photos Suecae takes of nature stuff, and mad props to his blog.

But that face on that arm... And when they're old, and the skin cells have regenerated a few hundred times, and the detail is gone, and the image has that old tattoo look... I just... no. Never mind.


  1. Oh, god. It can't be. It's baby yoda! That yoda servitor I made that escaped its imprisonment is making its way into the land of the living!

  2. The father is pleased with his tatoo. But nothing wrong with a bit of humor I suppose.

    I hope you know that I am obliged to destroy both of you now that you've had your laugh. It's all in my contract with the empire. I never read the finer details, guess you live and learn! ;)

    On a serious note though. I am really happy to get such positive feedback on my nature photography. Thanks.

  3. Gord, it's not baby yoda you mean thing.

    Sucae, I think it's really hard to tattoo from a photo and have the final result look like a tribute. Check out this poor guy.

    And you got mentioned in my next blog post too.


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