Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Invisible College Re-Org

Ok folks, I'm reorganizing the focus of the Invisible College. It is now a teaching organization, an International School of Hermetic Studies. If you're interested in taking classes on your basics of true Hermetic magic, not the stuff that is based on Levi, Bardon, Theosophy, or the Golden Dawn, please feel free to contact me. The courses are outlined, and by the time you get to the lessons that haven't been written, they will be available.

The class will consist of correspondence courses, primarily, and remote initiations. These initiations will consist of me conjuring an archangel to guide you into a a particular sphere's influence. I'll set up your picture over the Box during an appropriate astrological hour, and do that magic that I do so well. It won't do diddly squat for you if you're not doing the Work, but hey, them's the breaks. Check out my products and services page as they become available. Each course will have prerequisites, because the intent is not to demonstrate that you've studied magic, it's to make you a WORKING magician. there will be tests, grades, and the whole lot. Don't waste my time if you're not serious.

You will be doing magic using this course, early and often. You will not be performing LBRPs or Middle Pillars or other ritualized forms of the relationships you should be building. You will be doing the transformative Work that makes you a better person. It will hurt, sometimes, but you will emerge a more powerful, equipped magician in control of your life. Or at least in tune with the forces that are in control of your life to the point where it will appear to you and everyone else like everything that happens to you does so on purpose, and really, what more could you ask for?

You will also be conjuring spirits. You will develop the senses to see and hear them. You will have wealth, power, prosperity, love, joy, and true authority in all the things you do as a result of this course work. Whether you accept the responsibility to take on that authority is entirely up to you.


  1. Do you already know how much you are going to charge ?

  2. Damn, you know how to give a good pitch.

  3. Sounds quite exiting. Best of luck.


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