Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I haven't done any non-astral magic in weeks, it's killing me

I'm about ready to just do some to do some. Feck. I need me some juice. This rising through the spheres shit before bed is great and all, but I need the incense, need the tools, need the lamp and the anointing with the oil and the crystal all toned and resonating with spirity goodness. I misses it, my precious.


  1. I know EXACTLY what you mean! I've done nothing but astral magic the last couple of weeks, and it's making me antsy and moody. Sweet, sweet incense and candles and wands, how I miss you...
    The worst of it is that I don't have a real reason for not having done more.

  2. It does indeed suck.

    Remember back when I was pestering the bejeezus out of you when I finally *woke up* from my 7-month hiatus but was too in the clouds to know where to pick back up?

    Yeah, it's as if 7 months of no real Work all caught up with me.

    Nowadays, if I go a few days or more without some form of Work, I get all moody, fatigued, and depressed. Before long, I'm so out of whack I can barely tell my ass from a hole in the ground.

    But, I'm still in the process of the past week's Work integrating. Asking 7 different angels for further initiation, current, and Wisdom will do an effing number on you.

  3. Unless I manage to get out somewhere where I won't be noticed, I have very little space at the moment to do proper rituals. So it's been like eight to ten months of 98% astral rituals and shit.

    You know what? This summer and the spring that preceded it have been lame. I demand a better summer next year from the Universe.


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