Tuesday, August 03, 2010

I did some bad magic...

Well, one really good thing has come out of my bad magic experience with the Lemegeton's Goetia demons. After charging headlong into Solomonic magic and getting all into demons, and then getting burned, and then having to clean up the mess, I've developed a nice set of practices that work really well to eliminate the effects of Working with demons from the magician's sphere.

The degree of damage I suffered was a lot greater than I thought. I found issues in all the different parts of my sphere, in each chakra, in each element, in each planetary vibration, just everywhere. None of it was particularly bad, the Intelligences of the spheres and my HGA kept me pretty well safe, but there was crap everywhere that needed to be cleaned out. It was messy.

If you go back over my blog posts, the particularly dark and bitter, angst-dripping and misanthropic posts all came when I was deep into the demonic relationships I had established. Those bitter posts were reflections, harmonic symphonies of the tincture of my sphere. I had gone pretty far, and my sphere was picking up a demonic resonance. I was proud of that at the time.

But after getting rid of the demonic helpers in my life, I had two major problems. One, they had left a huge mess I had to clean up. Two, they had been working for me! Sure, they brought in some terrible shit along with the things I sent them to do, but they were doing what I sent them to do! After they were gone, I had nothing looking out for me on those fronts at all. 

The first thing I had to do was cleanse the spheres, clean up all the crap they'd left behind. Burning out the waste was a little painful, but it was necessary. Once that was done, I had to seal my borders, set up some protection, and then begin the slow and wonderful process of healing the damaged and diminished forces and harmonies within my sphere.

So, as a result of my  own experience, I've written The Rufus Opus Guide to Demon Magic Recovery. It's primarily targeted at getting people cleaned up and restored after an extensive period of time spent in demonic influences, but also provides a decent training piece for magicians who might chance upon a demon or two at some point in their magical careers.

Now, if you're a person who practices demon magic, and you're NOT all fucked up by it, then this obviously is not intended for you. If you ever do start to feel a little shitty about always having one bad thing followed by another no matter how much demon magic you throw at the problem, or if you're feeling all bitter and it's starting to wear down your teeth at night, consider picking it up, it can only help.

Note, this does not contain any information on conjuring demons. While some parts of the Modern Goetic Grimoire are in this, there are no seals or magic conjure circles or rituals for demon magic. There's no advice for getting Bune to win the lotto for you, either.

For those who asked, I'll be publishing a book on Genius Loci spirit magic in a while. That information will return to the internet soon enough.

This ebook is $ 24.99.

Oh yeah, the link:

Rufus Opus eBooks


  1. You know, you should really take the time and get your work available on Kindle or in Mobi format and/or by some POD service.

  2. When the piggie bank's full I'm getting this. I seem to be a "strange attractor" and not the mathematical kind (Like attracts like--I know). Ergo I'll grab from you your genius loci book too the instant you start vending. My $$s could not be better spent (not counting Compagni's 1992 Agrippa or a new OED).

  3. So what happened exactly ? You were doing so good in the book . Maybe you did something wrong in a particular ritual or is it just the demon workings in general ? Did you cover this in a previous post ? Thanks .

  4. Anon, check the posts beginning here and going forward.


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