Monday, August 02, 2010

Just a thought...

In a purely hypothetical context, not saying I have any available, or would consider it myself, but just suppose someone had stumbled on the secret of developing homunculi consistently and and had adapted a procedure to keep them in a stable, dormant state prior to their "birth," at a relatively low cost.

Would it be ethical to sell them on eBay for $4.95 plus shipping and handling? The dormant state would keep them safe during transportation. I figure everyone would want one, but then everyone would have one, and they wouldn't sell anymore. It would likely be a fad, like sillybands, and when the homunculi "died" and reverted to their prima materia, no one would want any more. Kind of a built in lifecycle. Like Sea Monkeys.

Chances are the lucky mage would get about 6 weeks of popularity out of it, and another 6 weeks for news of their stench to get around. Could probably sell a few million in that time, right?


  1. From an advertising marketing point of view, if you sell them through e-bay then you would not get fame. If you however strike some deals and send out some Press Releases you could get up to at least three to four months of hype depending on your product's characteristics and possible uses, a national geographic magazine article/cover and at least one in the NY Times. Of course this is hypothetical but 6 weeks is a little to little time of media coverage plus the lucky mage would probably go international...

  2. For some reason, Cabbage Patch Kids leap to mind.


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