Monday, February 28, 2011

Hey there, disillusioned EOGD initiate...

You feeling bad? Your Order is either run by a excommunicated looney, or his lieutenants have staged an illegitimate coup. Accusations fly, and bad magic hurled inexpertly by the inepti is getting all over everything.

Beginning to feel that maybe the "Golden Dawn" is fundamentally a poisoned well, and any who dip their spiritual ladles into it for a cleansing sip of pure spiritual relief are doomed to repeat the same old Order-Schism-Order vaudeville act throughout all time, and never get around to the Great Work?

Well snap the fuck out of it! Shit happens. Move along.

But do get yourself cleaned up. You've been initiated into a schismed Order, and you need to fix anything that's been passed on to you from that particular poisoned initiation. As above, so below, things break up along fault lines, flaws in the crystalline matrix of the universe. Your Order blew up, take it as a sign. Clean up your sphere before you schism too.

I recommend going to the Intelligences of each of the spheres of the Tree of Life and asking them to specifically cleanse any impurities or malfeasance from your personal sphere. Let them work that out.

Then ask your Genius/HGA to clarify your communion with it. If you haven't gotten that communion yet, let me know. This spirit will finish cleaning up the remaining bullshit in your sphere.

Finally, pursue the Work with a gusto, and don't get all involved in the political crap that's going on. Gossip, character assassination, revenge for sleights both real and imagined... It's ugly. Fascinating in the same way an accident is fascinating, and equally disgusting when you realize an infant was killed in that accident you're ogling. When this shit goes down, it's devastating to more than one or two of our Hermetic brothers and sisters. People will be dealing with this horse shit for fucking decades. Some will be unable to even pursue the Work until they deal with the bitterness of this betrayal of their hopes and ambitions. Sad times, my friends.

Anyway, if anyone wants a Hermetic Shower, a cleansing, banishing, and protection rite aimed at getting rid of the EOGD's particular poison, let me know, I've got something I've used for years.

And in my opinion, this is another coffin nail in the whole "Lodge Structure" method of passing on esoteric information. The "Lodge" needs to adapt. I think it should look a lot more like a system of lessons that people do or don't do, who work together like on an open source program. No hierarchy to get entangled in, no man or woman above or beyond you, only equal humans working together to achieve Illumination, empowerment, and the accomplishment of the Great Work.


  1. Maybe late to comment, but for thousands of years, before all the shitty speculative masonry and its offshoots, the lodge based orders, secret orders operated the way you said, masters and pupils teaching each other, as a group of brothers instead of a group of "insert order" initiates.

    Lodges, IMO, are too worried about pompous ceremonies and titles instead of doing the actual work.

    Blessings in Christ,


  2. Well brother, you've really dotted the Umlaut on this. My thoughts exactly. Why do people still joined schismatic lodges and complain about the abuse of power?
    I've been practicing magic alone my entire life and feel no need to wear a silly hat and a different robe when i move up though my "grades", nor the need to pride myself with the title of Exempt Magus of the Oriental Beaver.

    Love, light and Wisdom...

  3. "Exempt Magus of the Oriental Beaver"

    lmao, oh dear LORD do I want that title now.

  4. I don't see my lodge work as a form of schism or power abuse, and most of the people I work with in lodge systems are as playful as I am.

    We don't see it as having to wear a silly hat or a different robe at different grades. We see it as GETTING to wear a silly hat or an unusual robe. IF lodge work is viewed as a kind of play which helps lead to insight, it can be very valuable.

    Treating it as the sole route to magical awareness is dumb, though.


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