Monday, February 14, 2011

Magic: It Smells just like Spring

The heat wave has hit, we're up to the 50's and climbing higher, thank god. We made it through another East Coast winter. this morning on the way to work, I could smell Spring in the air. I've felt it coming for a few weeks now, when the days started getting longer and the quality of light improved, but this morning marks the first day I could smell that fresh Spring smell.

Which is much better than the fresh mulch smell that comes when Spring proper hits the 'burbs. Feh.

But today finds me thinking of planting the pumpkin seeds that will become this year's jack o lanterns and thanksgiving pies, and I can't help but notice it's that same feeling that comes when I set about a magical project. Even in the depths of winter, that feeling of newness and potentiality fills the sacred space as I begin to travel up through the spheres to converse with my cohorts and plot the manifest goal. It's invigorating! The life's blood flows, and signals that it's time to put forth and prosper, time to grow, time to come forth into being! Come forth!

I love the smell of magic.


  1. I too am east-coastish, and while it's warming and going to be gorgeous for a couple days, I am sure we still have some winter left lol

  2. Technically and traditionally, spring HAS hit, according to the Chinese, the Irish and astronomy. The Spring Equinox will really mark the middle of spring.

  3. I'm east coast too and it's been lovely! It's also nice to hear someone else say that magic smells like spring because it totally does!

  4. For some reason, I have trouble picturing you with plants or in a garden... odd.


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