Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Power of Magic

Ok, so I forgot. Shit happens, and you just get distracted. Even when you're seeing it regularly like I have been in my clients' lives, you can still forget, and I'll bet real money I'm not the only magician helping others who has momentarily forgotten.

I forgot the power of magic.

When my house got all burnt down from the demons, I withdrew from magic a bit. I still did ascension-type theurgical stuff, and I'd do some neat tricks with the stuff I've been learning in the Eighth Sphere here and there to get ahead at work, to cut through traffic, and to remain invisible to cops and robbers (I was delivering pizzas in the 'hood for a while), but I kind of shied away from doing magic to help myself much.

Last week when my loved one wound up in the hospital, I did an uncrossing rite one night, you know, just in case I'd picked up something without realizing it. The hospital was only one part of a three-pronged attack, and the other two prongs were equally painful and stressful. As soon as I did the rite, each of the prongs was addressed. Made me want to write a blog post about how when magic creates issues in your life, you can tell when you've fixed the source of the problem when the issues caused by the crossed condition seem to resolve as magically and mysteriously as they appeared. Might still get to it, but if not, there it is in one sentence.

Not long after that, I was driving home and dealing with some remaining loose ends related to the issues brought on by the crossed condition, and I had one of those RO moments. Just got sick of all the bullshit and called on everything I know to fix my life up, addressing each of the issues individually and in specific detail, while leaving enough wiggle room for the spirits to do their work on my behalf. I called into being a new reality, and set all the forces under my direction towards building that reality in my life, ASAP.

And it worked like magic. I mean, truly miracles and wonders, extreme coincidences and powerful manifestation of things I said I wanted to happen. And yeah, I had to put some work into making it happen, I had to take the opportunities that presented themselves, and I had to, you know, DO the Work, and it wasn't any easier than usual, but it totally paid off huge. Every seed I planted grew into a huge harvest, and it was overnight. Literally for some things, and figuratively for the longer-term plans. Overnight.

And I've been doing Work for my clients all this time, and they've had strange coincidences that could only make sense in the context of the magic I'd done on their behalf. They got what they wanted in spades too. One lady even had a guy pop into her life whose last name was one of the choirs of Angels after we did some angel magic. Subtle? Nah.

But magic for myself? Practical, get rich and make my life easier because I deserve it magic? I just didn't think about it much. When it did cross my mind, it got swept under the rug as I took care of other people's problems and desires.

Well, fuck that shit, man! Seize the booty, says I, with a pirate wink and a swashbuckler's smile. If you're doing a bunch of magic for others, or you've been focusing on Ascension when you do have time for magic, take some time for your self, some ceremonial ritual time and conjure up your Supernatural Assistant, your Genii Loci friends, your Elemental Familiars, the Seven Archangels of the Planets, the Seven Winds, the Seven Flames before the Throne of God, and put in your requests, submit your invoice for services rendered, get those budget charge codes for the upcoming scheduled tasks in your project, get that girl/boy companionship you need, put in your room service order, and soak in the jacuzzi for a bit while they go about making things happen for you.

Those piles of gold aren't going to conjure themselves, yo.


  1. There's a song from a musical called 'Rose's Turn' it kinda sums up this post for me. (in a good way)

  2. Care All,

    Defenitely I can put my hands on fire for that. Magic works and it pays huge when is being taken seriously. I have never enjoyed a stable life like I'm enjoying now; of course I have had to fight some assholes on my way, but that is normal when you're into this path.

    Dedication and being methodic are key elements in working with magic; I mean, when you're serious about it.

    Fr VL

  3. Yuzuru wrote (and RO accidentally deleted):

    Can you give some tips or sources for the seven winds, flames?

    And RO will get back to answer that asap.

  4. @yuzuru: the seven winds are from the picatrix. There's a mirror you can make that grants you control over (access to conjure) them on the renaissance astrology site. The seven flames are another name for the planetary angels from revelations. Sort of.

  5. R.O. you didn't have a problem with the seven things proper to man, did you?

    I can't imagine how you'd handle the stench.

  6. @anonymous: I don't know what you're talking about. Mine doesn't stink.


  7. @Anonymous Poster whose comment was not published: That kind of accusation is completely without merit. If you want to hold a discussion on the subject, please email me at and we can address your assumptions in detail.


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