Monday, February 28, 2011

Oh, and did I mention...

Another thing on the EOGD schism thing...

You KNOW both sides are going to call down terrible curses on both sides, right? No matter who you side with, you will be cursed just for being on one side or the other, if you've got the misfortune of being involved.

Regardless of your grade in the EOGD, chances are pretty good that Zink hasn't trained you in lifting curses, especially the kind he's fond of. I've run into them on a number of occasions. Remember, he prefers poppet magic. His personal curses generally manifest in Venusian/Netzachian ways because he prefers the paths of Natural Magic when he really does magic. The uncrossing rites of hoodoo are particularly effective on his stuff.

Also, look for the manifestation of Peh in your general sphere, the Lightning Struck Tower. Cognitive dissonance, lack of focus, inability to think about anything magical for long, forgetting things you've known for years are symptoms of this influence. Transmute it through the forces of Samekh, meditations on the Temperance card of the Tarot, and conjurations of Michael the Archangel will help with this. So will conjurations of the Genius.

The rebel lieutenants are likely to curse Zink and his efforts, so even those loyal to Zink's EOGD will be under crossed conditions. I don't know what they're tossing about, but expect it to be similar in essence to the kinds of things Mathers and Crowley went through. Watch your plants and pets for signs of curses, and pay attention to your dreams. Cleanse, banish, strengthen your filters. Apo apo kakodaimones is an excellent way to cleanse the air quickly, allowing you to focus on more potent methods of breaking this kind of thing.

And did I mention I break curses, hexes, and other "crossed conditions"? Low low rates! War is hell, but it's good for business!


  1. I really am doing this to help. I've been cleaning up Zink's messes for years.

    I've also been through socio-spiritual cult indoctrinations and initiations before. It's a sticky business, de-programing yourself from a set of poisonous practices.

    Even practices that aren't poisonous can become tainted by association. The relatively harmless LBRP can become a catalyst for terrible crap in the sphere of a magician who's going through this kind of thing. It's sad when you see it happen to your friends.

    I really can help with this transition for people going through it, so I'm making myself available. If I couldn't offer some real aid in this particular situation, I wouldn't mention it.

  2. Well, speaking as a disinterested third party (having no particular stake in the contemporary Golden Dawn phenomenon), I'd say you're blowing your chance to help because you're coming off a bit snarky and superior. I think people would be afraid of coming to you for help for fear of being laughed at.

    From one professional word smith to another.

    I get paid, among other things, to make sure the tone of client letters, brochures and whatnot are consistent with the message they are meant to convey. If I'd been given this posting to edit in my professional capacity, I would have asked the author if he really thought his reader would be able to see past the sarcasm and contempt. If I were an EOGDer, after reading your posting I wouldn't expect sensitive treatment from you if I contacted you.

  3. You could be right, Scrib. From what I've seen though, this tone resonates with the sphere of the person betrayed.

  4. Hmm. There must be a backstory here. I know the many GD groups and how they fight quite often, but I would have never have pegged you as someone remotely associated with one of the GDs.

  5. After I went through the inital meeting with my HGA, I did a lot of seeking, with wide-open eyes. I saw things that were shocking, like witnessing spiritual rape. I was aghast at what I found was the norm within the GD orders. It wasn't just Zink, it was Griffen, the Ciceros to a degree, and Zalewski. Some of the things they say and do are appalling.

    It hit me at a vulnerable time in my spiritual growth, and it shaped a lot of my resulting growth. I would not have unfolded the way I have if I hadn't been shown what kind of men the current keepers of the "Golden Dawn" label really are.

    I'd like to say though, of all the GD orders I've seen, the OSOGD formed by Sam Webster is the best of the best. I don't know about their doctrine or whatever details they teach, but their officers maintain a dignity and purity that I admire.

  6. OK. I'm totally ignorant about the contemporary GD. To me GD is nothing but books on the shelves that I've only read short sections of and something in the background of my youthful Crowley studies. So I have to take your word for the bad weirdness. I was just commenting on the tone.

    You make it sound like there's someone specific you know who's been hurt. I hope you can be of service to some suffering souls. See! There's all sorts of service to render in this world.

  7. Hello Rufus
    Do not forget about the group eggregore as that can be set on everyone also along with the bornless one for betrayal.

    I agree with you on how orders treat others. It is why I do not care how high of a rank a person has or what level they accomplish until I see them as a person and how they act.

  8. Well that sort of thing isn't just a phenomenon apparently. It seems the Aurum Solis and splinter group Ordo Astrum Sophiae had similar issues, along with BOTA with FLO, and everyone knows about the OTO(s) drama...Sigh.

    I wonder if the Masons have the same problems, with its various rites, or if it is just the fringe and magical lodges that have this problem.

  9. You mean the York Rite Masons or the Scottish Rite Masons?


  10. This is why I will never join one of those things. If someone cursed me and my dog got hurt I would never get over it.

  11. RO, yes the York and Scottish Rite but mainly the other side-orders that are not recognized as freemasonic, but require freemasonic status to join.

  12. What do the Ciceros and Zalewski say and do that are so appalling? I'm not being defensive, just all this is new on me. I knew the GD wasn't my cup of tea, but this is all very disappointing to hear about, especially in regards to those sincere seekers who were hurt while seeking truth by those stagnating in their own power.

  13. I've been a Freemason for over 12 years and 32nd Scottish Rite, we don't have "these" types of problems. I have seen personality conflict between members, but the Lodge and the superstructure of Freemasonry itself is impervious to this type of schism.

    We do have our share of drama, but it doesn't effect the lodge or the order itself at this level. We wouldn't be where we are or lasted this long otherwise.

  14. Witchdoctorjoe: I wonder how the Masonic groups are able to steer clear from this schism junk.

    Is it because they have been around for 200 years or so, or because their rituals are allegorical and not magical in nature..Hmm

  15. You think that "spiritual" people would know bettter, no? Guess avarice and pride aren't so easily discarded.

    I love how you've just volunteered to be the cosmic doctor for the magically oppressed. Good for you.

  16. @Anon: the thing about the Ciceros that I disapproved of was their support of Zink in spite of himself.

    Zalewski, Zink, and Griffen are all in the same boat of evil, imo. (Remember, to RO, evil=shit that sucks.) They're just sucky people to try to talk to about anything. Everything's about proving a point. Peruse Griffen's comments on AIT's blog some time for a sense of the arrogant snarkiness of GD types. He and Peregrine epitomize the things I hate about GD Order types.

    They can't comment, compliment, or discuss anything without including some badly-veiled jab at someone they disagree with. There's a slime factor they share in common, a used-car salesman vibe. Their smiles never quite make it to their eyes.

    Compare the GD Heads and their commentaries with others to the conversation on Energy that are going on in the local blogosphere. It's the difference between real magicians discussing things and politicians using the language of magic to advance their cause.

  17. Beneath,

    I think Masonic groups are able to steer clear from this schism junk because of the governing / operating system itself.

    I really don't think its because we've have been around *so long* but rather we've been around so long *because* of the system.

    Masonic rituals are allegorical, but are also steeped in Kabbalah. I find it funny that many Masons do not recognize the ceremonial magic in what we're doing, and non-Mason Magicians don't realize the role Freemasonry has played in influencing their orders.

    If you're a CM and not a Mason, I strongly encourage you to consider checking into it. You would be pleasantly surprised!

  18. And you want to run a Golden Dawn Order ?

  19. Fr. Francesco, who was that "And you want to run a GD order?" directed at?

    I can't imagine it's directed at me, as in the previous post I thought I made it pretty clear that I believe the lodge structure is, for lack of a better term, Old Aeon.

  20. "Old Aeon"?

    Oh no, RO..

    You aren't buying into that thelemic paradigm shift theory are you?

    RO, I think you are too cool for that, lol.

  21. @Beneath: Too cool not to! :D

    I think it has a lot of explanatory force, as far as theories go. Christ foreshadowed the Aeon of the Crowned child when he was in the Temple teaching the elders before he had been "properly initiated."

  22. Aw RO, Thelema?? Really?? Sigh....
    It's Crowley's religion of theosophic-Neizsche-gnosticism complete with historic inaccuracies on ancient Egyptian mysteries, and a ravenous desire to monopolize the whole umbrella of occultism.

    Anyway I doubt Christ Jesus was not initiated. The subtle references he makes many times to his disciples might suggest initiation rites. And there was no vacuum of mystery cults in that region in his day whether Greek, Roman, or other. But that is just my opinion.

  23. I'm sorry about that last post. I get carried away sometimes with my own prejudices. Its true. I don't like Thelema, because of Thelemites.

    But that is no reason to rant on your blog. So please disregard my last post.

  24. Beneath, I agree with you about Crowley's thelema, which is why I'm not a religious thelemite. However, there is a great deal of hermetic truth in his Work. I have a great deal of respect for him as an incarnated human. Flawed, but brilliant. And funny as hell.

    Jesus, when teaching the elders at the temple, was not yet thirteen. He wasn't bar mitzvahed yet. He had not been through the socio-religio-mystical rites of initiation that granted him the authority to read or teach anything about the Torah, yet he was instructing the priests, and they were listening. That didn't happen back then. How many twelve year olds talking about occult and other spiritual truths do you listen to?

  25. True, however if he really was the incarnation of the great Logos as is taught in orthodox christianity, then initiation would have been unnecessary.

    And in this case I still don't see Crown-Conquering-Child theory here as he is not going to be a herald for an age of a series of future god-children, but that he himself was the God-Child.

  26. Beneath, it's foreshadowing. It's a christian theology thing, seeing the new testament foreshadowed in the old, and seeing the Crowned child foreshadowed in Christ's teaching of the elders before he was thirteen.


  27. Oh dear, I've been out of the loop too long and gone and missed all the juicy drama. Here's to hoping for less bullshit from Nick Farrell's MOAA.

  28. "I saw things that were shocking, like witnessing spiritual rape. I was aghast at what I found was the norm within the GD orders."

    @ Rufus - thanks for saying that, that was certainly my experience.


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