Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ongoing Energy Discussion

Patrick Dunn and Jason Miller have continued the conversation regarding "energy work" over at the Postmodern Magic blog. Some interesting things regarding consciousness and the actual physical stuff that makes things move and change in the material realm as a result of our magic has come up, and I'm looking forward to where it leads.


  1. Ugh, still?

    Energy Magic debates are SO passe!

  2. Some of the discussion is a bit over my head, so apologies if my comment is based on too simplistic an understanding.

    If the Universe if made up of matter and information (which manifests as consciousness), such as in the example the car and driver both having matter and consciousness. Thus whilst the driver is steering the car, the car has sufficient matter and consciousness (information) that if the handbrake is not applied after the driver gets out that it will roll down the hill. So yes I agree that consciousness directs everything, but it’s not always human consciousness directing it.

    Is the attempt to understand how this invisible “energy” or breath affecting the universe an attempt to grasp with our rational consciousness what our psychic / intuitive consciousness experiences? And in my view it is the psychic / intuitive consciousness that influences other things in the universe to bring about certain events that people call magic.
    From what little I’ve read and understood so far there are actions on matter (such as breathing techniques) that allow a person to oscillate from rational consciousness to psychic intuitive consciousness to influence other things in the universe. What I do not understand is whether the actions done by the rational mind on matter during ritual is only to facilitate the psychic / intuitive consciousness doing its stuff, or whether the acting on matter is an essential part that facilitates the manifestation from actions at the level of consciousness to physical matter?

  3. Maybe we can get a co-authored book were the two sides are presented.


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