Friday, January 04, 2013

2013 Astrological Almanac: Ship of Fools

Wow! I just finished my first run-through of Austin Coppock's 2013 Astrological Almanac, subtitled Ship of Fools. It's incredible. The material is entertaining as well as interesting and useful. And scary accurate. 

I spent the last couple days going over plans for January and February, and hadn't cracked open the almanac yet. We've got things scheduled through the end of February, and the things he predicts for the first couple months of the year line up perfectly. Due to Maryland laws, my divorce can't go through until the end of July, and again the things he predicts for that time of the year are perfectly aligned with what I expect to be going through.

That's just the horoscope part. This book has so much more, and will be something I'm consulting regularly on a weekly basis, at least. 

I've mentioned before that I'm no astrologer, right? I need a lot of help understanding what I'm looking at when I look at a chart. Austin provides the same level of explanation in his yearly almanac that makes his weekly articles so cool to read. He's got an analysis of the year broken down by quarter, in depth discussions of the major ongoing influences that impact events throughout the year, monthly ephemerides to understand the astrological influences on your planetary rites at a glance (fucking AWESOME!), and a short paragraph explaining at a high level what to expect the influences of the planets to bring about throughout the day. Here's what he says about yesterday, for example:

Thursday, January 3rd

Today is subject to a bevy of exact aspects. Mercury in Capricorn squares Uranus in
Aries, pushing us to place structured plans atop revolutionary intentions - an unstable
mixture. Meanwhile, abstract and idealistic Mars in Aquarius trines worldly Jupiter in
Gemini, unlocking a medicine cabinet full of illegal stimulants. Not only that, but Mars
also finds himself in antiscia to the Nodal Axis today, overshadowing actions with the
complexity of potential karmic repercussions.

The Moon enters Libra as evening approaches, shifting toward a more relaxed,
pleasure seeking, wavelength. Yet a late night T-square between Uranus, Mercury and
the Moon may frustrate low key plans, as this configuration, along with the antiscia
between Mercury and Venus, lends the wee hours a mentally and emotionally charged

Moon in Virgo
Mercury Square Uranus : 10:29 AM CST
Mars Antiscia Nodal Axis: 2:33 PM CST
Moon Enters Libra: 7:10 PM CST
Moon Opposition Uranus : Jan 4th, 3:48 AM CST
Mercury Antiscia Venus: Jan 4th, 4:07 AM CST
Moon Square Mercury: Jan 4th, 6:04 AM CST

Take a look at that and compare it to what happened to you yesterday. Can you see how the astrological underpinnings, the influences of the stars and planets manifested in your own individual life? I totally can. I'm not saying my day was exactly what he said, but those were the influences that I had to work with when I was determining how I would shape my experiences.

This is power, folks, knowing what's going on behind the scenes, understanding the influences, drives, and stressors that are impacting us and those we have to work with regularly. This gives us the ability to shape our rites to magnify some influences and minimize others. I'm not suggesting we let our lives be run by these forces by any means, but knowing what the weather is gives us the info we need to dress appropriately.

I can't recommend it enough, brothers and sisters. Click that link above and order your own copy today. I'm going to be making it a daily practice to scan through the daily influences over my first cappuccino of the morning. This rocks.


  1. Seconded. I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

  2. What a great resource! Best astrological weatherman I've seen in recent years. I wish I'd have discovered him sooner. Thanks!


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