Thursday, January 10, 2013

What makes RO a happy mofo?

Ok, so there have been rumors that I have done gone batshit crazy. Well, questions about it have been whispered on the intertubules, and I can understand why. It might appear, from the outside, that I have flipped my lid, or let my "P.R. go to my head," as boring old timers who write too many words might put it.

Why? Because I've been happy (ecstatic, blissful, overusing the word awesome) and talking about how this universe, this place we live in, is the direct manifestation of our Wills with the sole intent being the joyful experience of our creation. That state of bliss came after I did some serious focused planetary magic, devotedly, passionately, Seven Spheres in Seven Days.

And look at this: Today I see one of my favorite fellow magicians post his schedule of practice here. Tonight he posts this quote from the archangel.

It's not just me. It's spreading.


  1. So, what you're saying is that you're not the only one who's batshit crazy. Is this like 28 (4 * 7 Holy) Days Later or something, now? Because I'm totes okay with this.

  2. Yeah. Basically. And that it's not just me. I'll be even happier when we can sit back and roast marshmallows as we watch the world burn.

  3. Mmm, toasty by the fires of apocalypse, watching the stars twinkle and fall one by one illuminating people by setting their hair aflame. How romantic~

  4. Some of us enjoy the crazy.

    Also, we should turns those marshmallows into a smorepocalypse.

  5. And now my mind is filled with images of some cross between the endings of Promethea and The Invisibles.

  6. I wish I could click a like button next to all of these comments, cause I find them all deeply amusing. and what's wrong with crazy?


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