Friday, January 11, 2013

4th Pentacle of Jupiter

A long time ago, I wrote a post about the 4th Pentacle of Jupiter from the Key of Solomon.

The fourth pentacle of Jupiter.-- It serveth to acquire riches and honor, and to possess much wealth. Its angel is Bariel. It should be engraved upon silver in the day and hour of Jupiter when he is in the sign Cancer. 

Observant commenter Bill asked me yesterday if I'd be creating this talisman this year, as Jupiter enters Cancer at the end of June.

Yes! Yes I will. And I encourage you to do so as well, brothers and sisters. It's fairly straightforward. You inscribe the seal in silver on a Jupiter day (Thursday) in a Jupiter hour (use Lunarium to calculate that for you, don't forget to EDIT your location) while Jupiter is in Cancer.

There are no other stipulations to creating this talisman. You have 55 Thursdays between June 25th of 2013 and July 14 of 2014 when he leaves Cancer. You have four Jupiter hours per day. That's 220 opportunities to take some silver and inscribe it with the pentacle.

Here's the pentacle:

I will put together a pamphlet on how to make and consecrate this yourself. It will be mostly copy-pasted from the Talisman Maintenance and Operations Manual, so if you already have that, you can most likely use it to make the talisman from this post. The pamphlet will be inexpensive, and will be available some time this week.

Remember, it's Silver, engraved during the Jupiter Hour of the Jupiter Day between June 25th 2013 and July 14th 2014. Plenty of chances to make this yourself.

If you want me to make one for you, I will start taking pre-orders now. The ones I make will be roughly half an ounce of silver, as I will be melting down one-ounce silver coins and pouring them into disks, which I will then proceed to beat into something inscribable. This is not an exact science, so there's no telling what they'll be shaped like or how much they will weigh when I'm finished. The design is pretty detailed, so I will be making them as large as possible. They will be melted, formed, and engraved in the appropriate planetary hours, and then each will be consecrated through the auspices of Bariel, and blessed with every bit of Jupiter current I have accessed, tapped, integrated, and channeled.

Pre-Ordered, these will be $195 each. After June 25th, I'll increase the price to $250. I'll be making extra, and after July 10th, 2014, the price will skyrocket.

I don't know how many I will be able to actually make in a month, so I am going to limit the initial pre-order total sales to 36 talismans. I can make three in one day, based on my previous experiences with making silver planetary talismans, but until the first month rolls around and I see how many I can ACTUALLY make in a month, I'll limit the number to make sure I can deliver.

Remember though, you can make these yourself! I strongly encourage everyone to do so! You've got over 5 months to prepare! It's simple, it's easy.

To order, use this PayPal link:


  1. Will you also be explaining your choice in the version of the 4th pentacle, and your choice in Latin vs Hebrew?

  2. Is the frist pantacle, which is said to control the spirits of jupiter, needed to consecrate the other talismans ?

  3. Hypnovatos, my choice in the version of the pentacle was pretty easy. It's the one from here:

    I recreated it in PowerPoint and used celestial script for the font because it is easier to inscribe in metals.

    Note the verse is in Latin.

  4. Pantheon, no the first pentacle is only said to control the spirits of Jupiter listed in the circle of the first pentacle.

    1. Woops, not only the spirits listed, just especially the spirits listed.

      But still, no. There is no conclusive indication that the first pentacle is required for the rest to work. I've also conjured Bariel before without the first pentacle and had no issues.

    2. OK further research ...

      The first pentacle is just for the invoking of the Jupiter spirits under Parasiel and is targeted at getting places.

  5. Rufus, how are you melting the silver coins and molding them into disks?

    For those of us that want to make the talisman on our own, how could one acquire a silver disk large enough to do the engraving?

  6. Would it be OK to use the more elaborate version of the seal, as well?

    Also, does the seal have to be engraved? I was thinking of making a raised relief medallion using lost wax casting.


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