Monday, January 07, 2013

Strategic Sorcery!

Hey-O! It's Pimp my Friends Monday! This won't be a regular thing, it just happens to be Monday, and I happen to have friends, and they're doing cool shit, and you should be aware and take advantage!

Next on Pimp my Friends Monday, we turn to Jason Miller's Strategic Sorcery Cycle 12. He's putting together something special for Imbolc in this cycle, which is cool, but he's also partnering with Occult of Personality to provide 3 months free membership and access to a ton of occult materials as part of this cycle's lessons. He explains the details in the link above.

I've taken and thoroughly enjoyed the Strategic Sorcery course. I can't tell you how many of my favorite and most skillful students have taken both my courses and Jason's. They're my favorite students because they actually do the magic that we talk about. They put it directly into practice. They conjure, they sommune, they direct, they initiate, they integrate, and they shape their worlds according to their wills. There's something special about the Strategic Sorcery course that really brings it home that magic is what magicians do

So this is yet ANOTHER thing I can't recommend enough. Take advantage of the course offer while you can, the next cycle of courses starts February 1st!

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  1. I'll second this. Between your class and Jason's (both of which I bought within a month of one another), I got a massive amount of skill in a very short period of time.


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