Friday, September 06, 2013

Interlude... Why I Do the Great Work

[Author's Note: I'm writing my ass off. I've got to finish the clean-up of the manuscript I'm going to have published through Nephilim Press so I can move on to the web site redesign and then the ROPOCALYPSE. I'm on the part of the book where I've summarized the method of accomplishing the Great Work that I practice, and honestly, I need a break from the manuscript. Writer's Angst is much worse than Writer's Block. And a brief interlude is good for me, and this is stuff I felt like putting in the book that maybe shouldn't be there, maybe it should, I dunno. But here it is.]

I do the Great Work, the creation of my world, the dissemination of my methods, practices, and results to the world at large for one single, solitary reason:

It feels good.

I spent two hours this week in ritual. Not nearly enough, considering all the stuff I've got going on, but still, two hours. They were amazing. 

Nothing feels as good as it feels to conjure the spirits, to bask in their presence, to feel them cleansing away the junk that builds up when I spend more time in the material realms than the ethereal ones. Nothing feels better than having my angst and frustrations melt away as I recall who I really am, from the eternal perspective. Nothing feels better than taking my place at the altar and calling up my friends and family from the old country. Nothing feels better than setting events in motion that will result in the manifestation of my Will upon the Earth.

It is such a beautiful feeling. It is peaceful in a way that can't be described. It is powerful, but quietly so. It is personally gratifying, individually fulfilling, but it's also a momentary reunion with the collective entities that fashioned the world, a reunion with the Powers that be. A meeting of the really Old School Bon Vivants.

And when we're all working together to shape a thing into being, or when we're all together enjoying a thing that we've shaped, it's a taste... a hint, a flavor, a scent, a reminiscence that isn't quite word-able that points back to how it's all being processed by some greater thing that is more than the sum of all of us, and more than any of us, and it's just beautiful.

In other words...

Damn it feels good to be a Magus.

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