Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Bune and the Lotto Tickets

Well, I hate this part. Another MegaMillions Lottery drawing has come and gone and I am still not the winner. [Picture if you will: Fr. R.O., hunched over his keyboard, typing by the light of his monitor, heaving a large and exasperated sigh of disgust.] The jackpot would have been way beyond my desired amount, so maybe it's my fault for expecting anything to come of the lotto tix. My past experiences with getting precisely what I requested were exactly that: precisely what I requested to the letter, not more or less. So I guess it wasn't really a good expectation. Would have been nice though.

So I'm sitting back and waiting to see what comes of the ritual. I don't count it a failure, because I didn't specifically say the lotto had to be the way it manifested. I just figured that would be the easiest way. Moloch posted an interesting thesis on how bad winning the lotto is on people who win anyway. Personally, I think I could handle it, but it seems that whatever Bune has in mind is going to be different in some way. I can't think of anything that would bring in $7,142, 857.14 off the top of my head other than a lottery, but that's just me. Bune isn't stuck with thinking inside the box that I'm thinking in. Maybe I'll land a government contract or something.

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