Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Spirit Pot Manual

I've begun the somewhat painstaking process of writing out the events that lead to the creation of my spirit pot, the details of making it, and the results. Maybe it'll turn into an actual published manuscript. Time will tell.


  1. Did this ever get completed?

  2. No, it did not! Thanks for reminding me, that's a manuscript I have nearly finished on a hard drive somewhere. Might have included it in the Moderngoetic Grimoire. Have to check.

  3. @RO I think you did complete it, if one considers that blog post on Spirit Pots.

    And oh didn't you promise about a blog post about Chaos magic being hermetic? lol I was totally expecting that. :)

    And cool content as always, you can have all the world's traffic you want mwahahah *thunder and lightning*


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