Sunday, July 09, 2006

Spirit Pot Ritual

Saturday night, in the astrological hour of Jupiter, I performed a full ritual using my spirit pot. I placed the Spirit Pot on the Triangle of Art I had printed up a few weeks before. I started with the LBRP and the BRH using my Dagger, and followed with an evocation of the energies of Jupiter (through the use of Tzadkiel, Tzedek, and El) using my Wand. The banishings cleansed the various energies, and the evocation of the planetary energies of Jupiter brought back in the Jupiter influence without any interference. Jupiter rules Sagittarius, which is the astrological sign corresponding to Bune according to 777.

After gathering the Jupiterian energies, I performed the first conjuration from the Goetia in full. I hate to say it, but this is the first time I had done so verbatim from the text. When Bune showed up, it was in full power, and was quite impressive. After some introductory chit-chat, I set about the purpose of the summoning: to add more stuff to the pot, and to give the spirit full and specific directions "by the book."

So, I removed the contents of my Spirit pot, and added a small Orgone generator I had made (using Tibetan double-terminated quartz crystals). Then I added some dirt from my bank's closest branch to give it a stronger connection to the place I want the "riches given unto a man" (read: ME!) to be deposited. The bank also had some small crushed white rock over their flower bed where I gathered the dirt, and a few of these rocks made it into the mix. I was in a bit of a hurry, as the bank was closing, and the tellers were watching me through the windows. I can only imagine what they thought. I placed these rocks around the orgone generator. So I have a small cone-shaped generator, some earth, and some white rocks surrounding it, resting in the center of a long length of woven rush grass. Looks real pretty.

I checked the status of the dates I had put in the pot originally, and they were still in good condition, and the raisins looked ok too. No "Ick" factor yet, so I put most of them back in. I also put back the Magickal weapon, and added fresh incense containing the Lignum Aloes. I also dedicated a small unused-incense burner I had found at the local Goodwill earlier that day to Bune. Any incense offerings in the future will be given through this.

About a week before, I had lit a purple seven-day candle with the seal of Bune affixed to it, along with my desired outcome written clearly on it: "Give riches unto [me] in the amount of $7,142,857.14." This candle was about burned out, and I did the ritual by its light as well as three purple tea candles. I gave Bune specific instructions on what I wanted to have manifest, and then replaced the lid of the pot after removing the Seal of Solomon from inside the lid. I've sent him out to make my desires come true, so I don't want him stuck in the pot. I placed the pot on a little stand I have, and set the remaining tea light candles in a triangle around the pot, and went to bed.

Tea light candles burn for five hours.

Around ten o'clock this morning, about 8 hours after finishing the ritual, I checked on my spirit pot, and found that one of the candles was still burning, and had quite bit of wax left to go. All the candles were from the same box. They were the same size, and I expect they were from the same batch of wax at the tea-candle factory. I lit them all at the same time. Nevertheless, here was a five-hour candle still burning eight hours later.

I'm taking that as a very positive sign.

The seven-day candle had burned completely out sometime in the night while I slept. I placed the seal that I had affixed to the candle while it burned back in the pot and closed the lid. I noticed that without the Seal of Solomon in the lid of the pot, Bune's presence is much stronger. There's a rich, brown feel to the air surrounding the pot now that wasn't there when I had the Seal in the lid. Like a dense storm cloud, reminding me of the red spot on Jupiter, the storm that has blown for millions of years.

I don't know how Bune will be manifesting my desired outcome. I specifically mentioned "lump sum" and "no harm to others" in the instructions. I think a lotto award would work nicely, so this afternoon I went ahead and bought four quick picks for the next mega millions lotto drawing next Tuesday. (70% of MegaMillions jackpot winners are from quick picks, by the way.) I placed the lotto tickets around the pot and explained the rules of the game, told him where the lotto drawing would take place (Atlanta, Georgia) and when. That way he's got a golden opportunity to send his thirty legions of spirits to Atlanta to make sure the numbers from one of those tickets get drawn.

It makes perfect sense to me. Now I just have to wait and see if that's the way this will all turn out.

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