Friday, January 02, 2009

Enochian: ADOEOET

Fun stuff. I just finished conjuring ADOEOET, the Senior attributed to Jupiter from the Tablet of Fire.

I conjured him by reading the First Call, the Second Call, the Sixth Call, and then called him by name. I felt a bit of his presence, but I continued anyway. I conjured using the name BITOM, in the names of God Oip, Tiaa, and Pdoce, and in the Name of the King Edlprna. By the time I finished and checked my quartz, the bottom, furthest-away side of the ball was "glowing" white. I couldn't see any distinct details, but the parts that were normally milky and somewhat transparent were instead white. I asked a few questions (it smells like Cinamon, or Dragon's Blood incense), and closed my eyes to hear the answers. It tried to take me on an astral voyage of the realm of Fire. I asked if it could go up through the Spheres beyond the realms of the elements. It said it could not. I was disappointed a bit.

The thing looked like a fire-fairy. Like a cartoon image of a fire-sprite. Like a cousin of Tinkerbell with red hair and only three inches high with butterfly wings, a Monarch butterfly's wings. I was like, "This is a Senior!?" It insisted it was, and that it really was looking like that on purpose. It tried to take me on another tour of the elemental realm of fire. Again I refused.

I should explain. I was tired. The power from the rite was big, but I was still sleepy. I kept closing my eyes and listening for the spirit's "voice", and when I did it tried to take me off on a visionary quest with my eyes closed. I know I'd end up falling asleep, and I didn't want to just drift off to sleep during the rite.

And besides, a fairy? Come on. That's so... not what I expect from an Angel ranked "Senior" and described as a pillar of the tower of the Golden Tablet thing. The Seniors are like the 24 Elders before the throne in Revelations. They offer the prayers of the Saints to God as incense, if I remember right.

So I vibrated its name at it. It didn't change into a bearded old guy with a censor. I called on the spirit by all he names of the hierarchy again. Still it was a fairy. By this time, it was a very obvious fairy in the crystal. There was nothing I could do about it.

So I talked to it, asked again about whether it could go beyond the realm of Fire into the celestial spheres. It indicated that it could not. I asked if any of the Enochian angels could, and it indicated they could not. I didn't understand this, but it could just be because I'm working with the angels of the Elemental Table. I may find something different when I get to the Aethyrs and the Parts of Earth. Again though, the Seniors are supposed to be in Heaven with God, so it doesn't make much sense, unless they're like the gnostic spirits under Ialdabaoth.

I did the conjuration yet again, just to make sure it was who it was supposed to be, and finally it was no longer a sprite, per se. I saw that it was like a sprite, but not as cartooney or Disney-fied. It was in two parts, one part that looked like a set of wings through the crystal, and one part that looked like a body with a head and red hair through the crystal. After the third conjuration using Bitom, Oip Teaa Pdoce and Edlprna, at last I felt like I was "seeing" it in a form that made more sense for the Jupiterian aspect of Fire.

I asked what its essence was, and it said Joyful. I asked if it wasn also Health of Fire, in some way, and it said yes, but secondarily. It was Fun, it explained, fun that was clean. What it meant by "clean" was that it was a flame that completely consumed its fuel. It didn't leave any ash or smoke, and it didn't burn up more than it was alloted. I got the feeling it was like the entertainment part of a budgeted lifestyle that wouldn't dip into the grocery or rent funds just to go see one more movie this month.

Eventually I let it go, and closed out the rite. When I turned around from my altar, my face felt hot, and my eyes were very dry, as if I had been sitting near a bonfire or campfire for a while. My skin felt almost sunburnt and radiated heat. I thought at the time it was because I went through three full conjurations of the spirit's hierarchy. Packed a bit of a punch.


  1. I would hesitate to make a one for one comparison between the UBER holy 24 seniors of Revelation and the seniors of the tablets. There is some evidence (mostly anecdotal) that the angels only made the many biblical comparisons in order to keep Dee's trust and faith - also he was so convinced it was christian magick that he reportedly demonstrated some of it to emissaries of the Pope - so either he or the entities must have known that it had to be in line with biblical lore.
    Watch out you don't let your quaint little "Seventh Heaven" expecations hinder what may be shaping up to be a worthy endeavor.

    - D

  2. I'd suggest remembering that despite important titles, visuals are still symbolic of the essence. Something small can still have shitloads of power. The enochians work in the systems the user works with and that includes how they look to one using the system. It's what you bring to the table and the spirit's choice in how they are gonna interact with you.

    My work with the aethyrs indicates that the spirits in each are not about if they can take someone from one to the next, but to help you understand what you need to learn at that 'level'. However, you might have a different experience. Aethyr work is too personal to have it be pigeon holed into any one objective form most of the time.

  3. I didn't even get halfway through your post, RO, before I started thinking "why can't fun and silly also be holy?" Joy and love are. Once you've shed all the heavies what else would you be left with?

  4. D.

    The "quaint" little seventh heaven concept is the source of the Enochian system. I wonder at all your professed studies of the Enochian system when you say things like that. It really seems like you know nothing at all about the cosmology the system is designed to work in. Maybe that explains your consistent failures.

    Put away your angsty rebellion and read it for what it is sometime.

  5. Lavanah is right. And yes, in my experience and understanding its the aethyrs/airs that you want to go to if you seek celestial spirits. One of the keys seems to be that celestials are based around the number 3 and earthies around the number 4; the lowest aethyr actually is the Earth sphere and has 4 leaders instead of 3 like the others. And its symbolism is consistently recorded as involving cubes and four-square stuff.

    I knew the Heptarchy was of earth, although their paradigm is planetary - kind of like the planetary spirits of the mathematical square tables (taphtartarat`, qedemel, etc). I wasn't sure about the angels of the Great Table, but it would appear that they, too, are of the Earth sphere. Perhaps we've gotten so accustomed to thinking of angels being "up there" that it throws us off when they call earth spirits angels. But then again, who better to administer such things?

    Don't be frustrated, especially when your expectations take a whacking. All part and parcel of the whole mage thing - remember? :)

  6. I'm intrigued by why you'd think that a Senior has to look a certain way, or that it should have to care what you thought about how it looked. Spirits seem to have values that don't always coincide with ours, after all. my own experience with other spirits comes to mind.
    I wonder when our other frieds will get to this spirit. We could see if their vision in any way resembles yours.

  7. Dude! I had an almost identical vision, but under a somewhat different context. I was working with the element of Fire, using the Enochian Tablet, calls, along with Levi's prayer to the Salamanders, and Dragon's Blood. After a long while, the elementals showed up, but were under the control of an entity which appeared almost EXACTLY as you described - both physically and emotionally. But this being identified itself as Djinas. In fact, I am working on a painting of it right now. Cool.

  8. Heh, this is a lot better than the stuff Lon writes about. Carry on Christian soldier:^


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