Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mercury Retro and Practically Agrippa

Couple things to point out, I don't have a lot of time.

First, there's some neat graphics about the current Mercury Retrograde that shows where mercury is relative to the Sun throughout this retrograde. Interesting interesting stuff:


Second, I've started writing up some practical magical rites and rituals based on Agrippa's information. Someone pointed out that the tables of information don't tell you how to do the magic. Oopsie!

So, I'll write five or ten simple rituals that demonstrate how to use the Three Books of Occult Philosophy in practical magic, focusing on both Ascension magic and mundane manifestation magic. To begin, I'll start with the elements, then the planets, the geomantic and other planetary figures, and some Angel magic. Most likely I'll focus on books 2 and 3, but who knows?


  1. whoo, hoo, exactly what I've been waiting on, the missing piece of the Agrippa puzzle. If they work out well, you should look into republishing the three books with your guide to practical application of the system tacked on as a supplimentary book, or just write a guide to using the three books?

  2. I enjoyed reading your post. Thank You!!!!

  3. This retrograde is absolutely killing me. I was born with the Sun on Cap/Aquarius cusp with Mercury in Capricorn retrograde. And then you add the frickin` solar eclipse on top of this, and Pluto's energy is just frying everything! I created a mojo bag for Mercury Direct when the last cycle ended and it COMPELLED me to open it during this cycle. I don't know what's going on. Hopefully you all are faring better than I am!

  4. It seems interesting. Will you publish these rituals here ?

  5. Of course the tables don't tell you "how to do the magic" -- you have to read everything else! Especially Book 3, which most people probably never even get to after stopping at "oooo pretty tables" in Book 2.

  6. Actually, most of my friends skip right to Book 3. Chapter x.


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