Friday, January 30, 2009

Miscellaneous stuff

Well, I've been not writing the Practically Agrippa series all week long! Hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have.

Seriously, my brain power's about kaput, but I'm planning a reload this weekend. Maybe I'll get to it Saturday and schedule the series to come out through the week. Five basic rituals based on five chapters shouldn't be too hard. Maybe something not based on chapters, but on subjects even. Self-Initiation, Conjuration, Remote Viewing, Divination, and I dunno, Agrippinian Chaos Magic, what the hell.

I'm test flying a new initiation procedure on a somewhat informed and charmingly willing victim. Those of you who experienced my Solar Sphere Initiation failures (your fault, you didn't do the follow up Work), or if you're one of the folks that burned out while I was having you Samekh your way into the Sun, you're aware of the issues that arise in jumping directly into a Solar initiation right out of the gate. So I'm experimenting with a new method to soften and loosen up some of the crap that turns into flaming projectiles when you go straight to the Sun. In the Alchemical process, the Black Stage comes from steady, lower-temperature heat applied to the base material. The negative crap rises to the surface in preparation for burning into White ash in the White Stage. Maybe pushing folks into the Sun out of the gate isn't as efficient, so I'm starting sub-lunar now.

If he lives past tomorrow, I'll eventually publish the methods.


  1. Have you taken a look at the 4th book of occult philosophy? Its not Agrippa, but it was written to do exactly what you're doing: make practical sense and application out of the 3 books.

  2. Yes, exactly right. But with more up to date applications.


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