Wednesday, January 07, 2009

My First Lecture

This Saturday is my first public speaking engagement related to things of the occult nature. I'm going to be speaking at Thelesis Lodge in Philadelphia. The subject, fortunately for me, is the Modern Angelic Grimoire. It's a topic I've covered on my blog for years now, and it's the system I've worked with the most.

Ararita418, whose voice and video page I linked to previously, is going to be there. He and I have been online friends for longer than I've worked the Angelic Grimoire. I heard him speak, and the man has polish. He's OTO, and he's all professional. The correspondence I've had with the leadership of the Thelesis Lodge has been very proper and correct as well. I don't mind pretending to be polished and civilized at work, but the topics I'll be covering are near and dear to my heart. As a result, there's a lot more of "me" that will come through, and "me" drives a camaro, chews tobacco, and spent time in a trailer park in Oklahoma.

I'm downright nervous.

On the one hand, I'll be talking to Thelemites who wear real robes during their rituals, who expect more from a ceremony than "Yo, Jesus, you ready? I'm set! Let's go!" I conjure in jeans and t-shirts. I bathe before rituals... sometimes. My approach is much more earthy than intellectual. These people are paying me to present information that will help them in their Great Work. I don't want to disappoint them.

But on the other hand, I totally got the results I think they're looking for. It's an awesome system, perfect for anyone to attain the highest levels of the Great Work, if they use it. There's no end to the stuff that can be done with it. I get excited thinking about how much I grew and developed as a man using this system. The insights, the attunements to the different spheres, the relationships I've developed with each of the Archangels over the years...

I just don't want "me" to make the system look bad.

In the final analysis, I know everything came together for a reason. A series of fortunate events, synchronicities, cause and effects, all the earmarks of God's plan unfolding indicate that I am the right man for the job. So I'll just shelve the anxiety until I'm about to talk, and then get all aquiver until I get into it.

And I'll TRY not to come across like the pentecostal charismatic fire and brimstone preacher I've always secretly been at heart. Wouldn't want Legion running screaming from the Lodge looking for a herd of pigs to drown, now would we?

(Anyone interested in coming can contact me for more information. It's 12-3 on Saturday the 10th in Philadelphia, PA. It's $15 per person last I heard, prices are subject to change. Also, if you're local to Baltimore, I'll be presenting the Trithemian System locally soon too.)


  1. You'll do great :)

  2. Someone must record video and post on the net - this must happen.

    - D

  3. Never joined the OTO, never had any experience doing things their way. But, if they're as professional you're saying they are, they should expect you to do your magick your way. If they wanted magick done their way, they'd get someone that was OTO specific that worked with modern angelic magick.

    Do the magick, as you normally would for the greatest effectiveness. If they say the way you're doing it is wrong or they're put off by it, they aren't being professional. The reason you're there is for 'them' to learn, not to see if you are up to the standards of the OTO.

    If one is truly a professional with magick, they can take it however it's presented when demonstrated to be effective and can adapt it to their own style of magick to also make it effective.

    The only ones that are to be nervous are those that are coming to hear you speak. They had to think you're a worthy source of information and experience and know you aren't an OTO-er. Trying to be OTO-like would be stupid.

    If any of them walk out because they think you're trash for how you do magick, it's their own ego problems getting in the way and probably a reason why they'd been having their problems with this area of magick. If they were so good, they wouldn't need to have the lecture at all.

    This is not a situation where you will pass or fail when it comes to living up to the OTO's standards. If they make you feel unworthy, it's a time when they should be pitied and dismissed, if they don't try to understand.

  4. Yo Fr. Red! There are Thelemites in this world that apparently think yr cosmology neverthless gets to the apex of the tree of life. _MY POINT IS_, i think this groundling's done copped hisself a clue. Give him a lissen Y'all. As an alumni 3rd & deacon i gotta hunch he's on to sumpin'.

    P.S.: Possession of Copyright = "Nine Thirds" of THE LAW. An I don't care who yr gramma is :>
    The Boss. ME! Deal Wit It!

  5. Be yourself mate, it's good enough

    Congratulations and I hope all is well in your world!

    Love Kathy

  6. You know your stuff RO. Let yourself be the hellfire and brimstone charismatic preacher. Enthusiasm and knowledge packaged together in a presentation are a hard to beat combo.

  7. Be careful with the standard stage-fright mitigation visualization techniques. I'd hate to see what happens to an audience of fully clothed folks that suddenly find themselves setting naked on a bunch of toilets. In magic visualizations can sometimes occur spontaneously you know. Talk about physical manifestation!

  8. These folks are pretty much all cool or I would not have hooked you up with them. Remember, I am one of the founders of the Lodge, so if we are cool than they will probably be cool as well.

    Wish I could be there, but to put it into perspective I am also not calling out of work next saturday to attend an event in New Orleans that I was invited to and could run down for.

    Its THAT important that I save my time.

  9. Dude, you are totally going to rock. The people at Thelesis are really chill and fun. Hey, Jay was one of the founders, and remains on the energetic level one of it's fathers. How could it not be chill and fun?

    And as to how we do magick... well, I put spells on grapefruits and gravel, so nothing is to earthy for me. In fact, the earthier the better! My favorite link in my vast collection is a card that someone bled on, and I frequently deliver spells via stirring sticks in whiskey. Today I delivered a spell on a tube of lipgloss and a French fry. And it worked instantly.

    I am so looking forward to meeting you. And be all the fire and brimstone you want... I could use a good revival!


  10. You'll do fine. Besides, I've heard the last speaker they had their has started to feel much better.


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