Monday, January 05, 2009

How to DO Something With Your Life

How to DO Something With Your Life
(In Four Easy Steps)
By Fr. R.O.

Step 1:

Think of SOMETHING you want to do.

Step 2:

Figure out what the steps are between where you are today and where you would need to be to do the SOMETHING you want to do.

Step 3:

Follow the steps. If you find you didn't plan well, adapt the plan. Start over at Step 2 with the new information.

Step 4:

When you're ready to DO SOMETHING... DO IT.


Repeat as needed.

Thus endeth the lesson.


  1. Love it!!!

    I am such an action-oriented person that I can handle just about anything BUT someone who won't take action to address a problem!

    Very nice.

    Seemingly unrelated question: are you a vegetarian? Just asking re: potluck this weekend as would not want to offend the guest speaker.

    Also, are there any vegetables you're afraid of? Seriously, I have a friend who is terrified, literally terrified, of asparagus. He has not as yet however contacted his HGA.


  2. Hey, thanks for clarifying step 4. I usually get to step 3, linger there for a good bit, then tumble back to step 1. ; )

    My New Year's resolution is get cracking on all those #4's that I've backshelved.

  3. Persepho0ne, I'm totally carniverous. I wants me some sausage and steak and roast beast. Or whatever. I can eat vegetarian, I used to go to the Hare Krishna free feasts in Denver a long time ago. Good stuff.

    But I prefer meat.

  4. Great!

    Looking forward to meeting you!



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