Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!!

This year, you can do a lot more magic than you did last year. Take advantage of that fact. I recommend to all my readers the following (if you haven't yet):

  • K&CHGA - Get in touch with your piece of the Holy Spirit. Contact your Nativity Angel, your Genius, or use Samekh or Abramelin to get in touch with the HGA. Do it. Do it now.
  • Initiation Magic - Conjure the Intelligences of each of the Seven Planetary Spheres and the Elemental spheres, and ask each to integrate their forces into your own sphere of influence.
  • Use Sub-Lunar Spirits to obtain a six-figure income, a house if you're still living in your momma's basement or a crappy apartment where you can't do magic, and the true love of your life to fulfill you and complete you in every way.
It's time for New Year's Resolutions!

My list:
  • Lose 20-60 pounds
  • Get published
  • Keep Moving Forward


  1. My list:

    -- Become certified Pilates instructor

    -- Practice yoga and/or Pilates six days a week

    -- Begin five year plan to become yoga instructor

    -- Maintain 1/2 hour per day meditation practice, no matter what

    -- Maintain closest relationships, no matter what stress and time constraints work may bring

    -- Bring yoga awareness into every aspect of daily life, especially work situations where everyone but me is going insane

    -- Stabilize the Gnosis attained during accidental trip across the abyss

    -- Perform all four of the dramatic rituals I've written (will invite you... not a far drive from Baltimore!)

    -- Organize my upstairs closet.

    I am so just joking about the closet. That's never going to happen.


  2. I'm going to see how this coming Love and Wealth election works out.. turns out in re reading Og Mandino that such a talisman would be awesome for sales in general. Both must also begin as states of mind before they can manifest. Having Mars in there will be good for persistence I think. Be interesting too how this plays through the different levels of being and manifestation.


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