Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Awesome Opportunity

Chris Warnock, of Renaissance Astrology fame, is offering a Mirror of the Seven Winds. Based on an intricate ritual from the Picatrix, the Great-Granddaddy of all Grimoires, this item is something you should totally consider buying. He does the etching and seven-day suffumigations according to the requirements of the book, and the benefits are amazing.

The Picatrix says, "... if you gaze into the mirror and watch it well, know that in it will appear men, winds, spirits, demons, the dead and the living and all of them will be obedient to your command." It's a lot like the Table of Practice that I have in the Modern Angelic Grimoire, and the Scrying Media all in one. I highly recommend it, not only because it's useful, but it comes empowered to accomplish what we need it to do as magicians.

Chris Warnock is an Adept of the art of Astrological Magic. There are few magicians or occult craftsmen I'd trust to do the kind of operations he does on this mirror and have them be effective. I usually take advantage of the elections he posts on his page, and do my own magic based on the appropriate timing, but when it comes to Picatrix stuff, there's no one I know of who would be more capable of creating an empowered talisman than Chris.

Once received, the Mirror is consecrated to the magician when the Moon is conjoined to Venus. At that point it's yours and yours alone. The Spirits of the Winds are powerful allies in the toolkit of the magician, and they are a set of spirits I can't wait to begin working with regularly. If I had the time, I'd totally be conjuring them ASAP. They've been calling to me for years. There's a Tower of the Winds somewhere, in Italy or Greece, or Europe. I don't remember. But ti's beautiful. I saw a picture of it a long time ago, and have wanted to conjure these spirits ever since. With Chris' offering of the mirror, it's an opportunity we shouldn't pass up.


  1. Ah the great debate of whether I want to buy one of these or do the election and make my own next year. Decisions, decisions, decisions lol

  2. "OOOO - It's a SPARKLY!!!" LOL


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