Friday, October 30, 2009

What You Get with the Supernatural Assistant Course

A Supernatural Assistant! Isn't that enough?

No? You mean, you want to know what comes with it specifically for $75? You get my warm and kind advice, my best wishes, and a lot of encouragement. You get my undying thanks for the money. What more do you need?

Ok, sorry, I crack me up.

NOTE: I fixed the link this afternoon.

Course Stuff

The course comes with the following:

  • eBook: The Neo-Platonic Basics - It's a cleaned up and slightly modified/expanded version of the series of blog posts I wrote as I went through some transformations in the first year after making contact with my own "Supernatural Assistant."
  • ebook: The Modern Angelic Grimoire - In case you don't have it, we'll be referencing this book for some of the initiations.
  • The names of your Genius and Evil Daimon (for those who don't have them yet)
  • Conjuration Ritual for the Genius (this is different than the conjuration of the Supernatural Assistant)
  • Your Own, Personal, Genius Lamen.... something you can wear on your chest, to make you your best.... (sung to the tune of your own personal jesus; you'll get an image file that you can print out, or draw out by hand on virgin parchment in the light of the Moon while suffumigating it in the smoke of strange alkaloid herbs)
  • Conjuration rite for the Supernatural Assistant (performed nightly after Lesson 3)
  • Membership with the Yahoo group
  • Personal coaching from yours truly, unless you really get on my nerves or turn out to be some kind of lunatic. If the latter is true, you still get no refunds; I mean it, I'm totally spending the money as soon as it comes in.
Tentative Course Outline (Subject to change):
  • Lesson 1: Intro and Overview (Nov. 6) - Includes the the evolution from the Supernatural Assistant into the HGA over the last couple of thousand years, an overview of the three-part ruler of the soul, and the role of the Genius from Agrippa's Three Books of occult Philosophy. This will give you some insight into working with your Genius.
    • Homework: Self Assessment - You'll get a template to fill out that prompts some self-assessment and contemplation that will help you prepare for the process to come. You won't have to send it in or post it, but you can if you think it will help you stay honest with yourself and others.
  • Lesson 2: The Power of Prayer (Nov. 13) - Includes an explanation of "enflaming yourself with prayer," the key to building up an ecstatic relationship with God. Explores Crowley's early training and how he figured out the Secret of Prayer.
    • Field Trip: Visit a Charismatic Christian Church (totally optional if you think you'll burst into flames when you cross the threshold, or have bad experiences you don't want to remember)
    • Homework: Daily Face-Time with God. Here beginneth the transformation that leads to attainment.
  • Lesson 3: Can you smell that smell? (a.k.a. Conjuration of the Supernatural Assistant) (Delivered when appropriate) - Includes an analysis of the Stele of Jehu, the Greek Magical Papyri that's actually called "Acquiring a Supernatural Assistant," and Crowley's Liber Samekh. Also includes the conjuration rite you'll be using.
    • Homework: Solar Initiation by Michael, Archangel of the Sun
    • Homework: Conjuration of the Genius
    • Homework: Continued daily prayer
    • Homework: Nightly conjuration ritual of the Supernatural Assistant (Should take 10-30 minutes)
    • Homework: Update self-assessment.
  • Lesson 4: Working with the Supernatural Assistant: Practical Applications of your blossoming relationship.
    • Homework: Solar/Saturn Initiation by Michael and Cassiel.
    • Homework: Continued daily prayer
    • Homework: Continued Nightly conjuration ritual of the Supernatural Assistant
At this stage, chances are pretty good that you'll be going through some serious hell.
  • Lesson 5: The Map of Hell - Personal observations on the landscape of Hell as it manifests in your life; includes some advice and techniques I found were useful in dealing with the layers and layers of crap that tend to come out in the process.
    • Homework: Stay Alive. Keep at the Work. Even when you hate it. Even when you're convinced it's all in your head. Even when you think it's all from Satan. Een when you really want to quit. Even when you're so sick of hearing me say "it gets better" that you're ready to shove my keyboard up my ass to see if I can still type it then, motherfucker! (Seriously.)
  • Lesson 6: The Stairway to Heaven (Is Sitting in Hell) - Reflections on the initiatory journeys we've been through and preparation for Hermetic Merkavah, to be explored in full in the Seven Heavens Club. (Or the Hermetic Merkavah course. I haven't figured out what to call it. I thought the Seven Heavens club was a witty nod to Pat Baker, but I figure it may be too cheesey.)


  1. Howdy

    Do you take paypal? Google Checkout option didn't work.

  2. Indeed - PayPal is much more convenient for me to use as all my online business goes through there already and I have a standing balance I can draw from (rather than accrue interest, as it would when it comes right off my credit card).

    This course looks fantastic!! I'm already signed up for the Strategic Sorcery class that's starting in November - so I will likely enroll in this one after I have a better idea of the course load from that one.

    Thanks so much for putting this together!

  3. Great - I'll take that as a 'sortainly'. So sign me up! The google is in the mail, eh - next week:^)

  4. I hate to be the guy who asks, but...

    1. Are there any prerequisites? Or can people without any significant experience follow this?
    2. Are there any *actual* requirements for participants during the course? Ideally everyone would follow the homework and the course as it comes, but failing that due to other commitments at least we'll have the know-how on hand for the future. We'll have lost the one-on-one help with you, of course, but still. Is this fine?

    Whole thing sounds great and I'm grateful you'd even do something like this, but I want to make sure I'm getting the most out of it. Thanks.

  5. It says 'Course 1' how many courses are there going to be?


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