Saturday, October 10, 2009

Powerful People

This article on Quintal's blog is great insight into what it is that makes a man or woman powerful. I don't necessarily agree with what everything the author says 100%, but it's aim is undeniably what you always wanted in life.


  1. Interesting article. I disagree with a lot of it, but mostly because his tone of voice is so condescending to everyone reading this diatribe. However, I don't think "alpha-females" are all political extremists either! An "alpha-male" [as vulgar as that description is for a man or woman]doesn't come into the room and command attention or get noticed because he "looks important." He is sitting in the back of the room, because he doesn't care if anyone notices him or not. Many people don't. With that said, thanks for sharing this RO. Very interesting :-)

  2. Kate, I agree, but what I found most useful was his point about how unrelenting honesty is the secret to power.

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  4. I agree, profusely. I am an Alpha, and I can completely relate to what he said about unrelenting honesty, and the conditions required to maintain it.

    Hence the recent termination of contact with a mutual friend. I don't tolerate lairs in my life.

    And I will never understand in what world this behavior is acceptable among friends.

    If your a friend of mine, I hold you to a higher standard than the masses, because you know better.

    His article may have a few splinters that need to be sanded down, but he's right about that.

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  6. Thx for the referring, Rufus:) (and for keeping my blog in your front page)
    I believe the post may come across as "condescending" because it is meant to be read from inside a discussion, not as an original post.
    The tone would have been different if it hadn't been written in the heat of a debate.
    And yes, the salient point is how integrity is the mark of an alpha. I must admit it did repolish my self esteem a bit:)

  7. Quint,I was lost in the Conspiracy Movement for years and years. Illuminati, the pawn Weishaupt, Cthulhu Ftaghn, extra- and intra-terrestrial life, Masons and Satanic Abusers, and the Invisible Hand, and the powers that watch through stone eyes over the celebrations at the Bohemian Grove.

    Then I started getting deep into magic, and I saw the truth behind the conspiracies. Your blog is perfectly suited to provide a pressure point from which I can take the pulse of many of the true beings within the various webs of conspiracy.

    May you be blessed with continued insight, the powers of true manifestation, and a fine and rewarding lay.


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