Sunday, October 25, 2009

On Piracy...

It's unfortunate, but due to the lack of scruples among some of my audience, I've had to institute a Goetic working to protect my eBooks from theft. After spending months writing the book, to have someone give it away because they believe information should be free makes me want to kill.

Calmer heads prevailed, fortunately for at least one idiotic fucktard. The intercession by a wise and patient person on your behalf is a good thing to have, and I hope someone does the same for me if I ever do something that stupid.

But from now on, anyone who pirates my work will be fair game. 10/25/09 in our current calendar system is the date it's being instituted. If you've pirated my work, loaded it to torrents or whatever in the past, I suggest you make ammends post haste. Remove it immediately and pay restitution, or incur the wrath of the Guardians.

I think it's really stupid to pirate occult works from living authors, especially those who write books about Goetia. Did you really think I wouldn't curse you? Really?

And please note, I don't give a shit what you think about the freedom of information, copyright law, or whatever. I wrote it, I charge for it, and as far as me and my spirits are concerned, you bought the right to read it and do the work. If you upload it to a torrent, you're toast.

Please note that all purchases are covered under the usual Legal Disclaimer.


  1. I've purchased PDF files that were immediately "branded" by inserting the buyer's name on the pages of the book (taken from the payment information, I suppose.)

    Something to look into.

  2. I'm sorry to hear that RO. Unfortunately, many people misunderstand what Freedom of Information means. It does not mean it is okay to steal someone else's work.

  3. Goodness-it hasn't been a bloody week yet, and some douchebag is pirating you. Glad you nipped it in the bud.


  4. Information should be free man! Free the information! Break into the bookstores and let the books run free into the streets like released lab animals...


    So sorry to hear about this.

    Its always people that have nothing to say themselves that want to make everyone elses info free.

  5. Wow good thing there were cooler heads. I would have not been a cooling factor here. Living Goetic authors... dude you are begging for an all Goet enema. Dumbass.

  6. Seriously, I only do freebie/giveaways in pdf because 2 seconds after you sell a copy it is winging its way around the net. Rending of garments, gnashing of teeth and magical retaliation isn't going to come close to stopping this.

    I recommend that you just upload your pdf to Lulu and sell it as a paperback. Charge it a bit more and make those @#$% work if they want to scan or copy it page by page!

    Christopher Warnock

  7. Hi RO, I bought your book last week and is great. Anyone who steals(the one that uploaded the book is stealing intelectual property, same a car thief and worse) should and must be punished, I won't kill that person but I would make his/her life such a hell that won't steal anymore.


  8. (sneaks on from an internet connection whil packing up the old house) I.. kind of love you right now RO.

  9. A whole week - wow :^(

    I have stuff that I could easily throw together and publish as a bunch of PDF's. Not in the same field but good stuff nonetheless. Due to P2P -I choose not to. Maybe I'll look into the new (?) branding tech. Dunno. Still it's a damn shame that someone in our own little, tiny, minute world, someone who is supposedly searching for enlightenment, are so unenlightened that they "see no harm" in such criminal activity.

    Still you made it a week...

    I think the payment link is cute too...

    That's our R.O.!

    ps -
    Loved the book - most excellent work.

  10. So if I use a computer at school to download the pdf to a flash drive, and then I load it to a computer at home, is that going to trigger your curse? What if my wife comes across it and starts reading; is she going to be cursed? how carefully developed was this curse? I like the book, but owning a work with a curse attached is making me nervous.


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