Saturday, October 31, 2009

Still yet more about the Supernatural Assistant

Sam Johnson says:

1. Are there any prerequisites? Or can people without any significant experience follow this?

No, there are no prerequisites. I'm starting here, and then I'm heading through the Modern Angelic Grimoire, and eventually I'll get to the Goetic one. I'm recreating the process of initiation I went through in course form.

2. Are there any *actual* requirements for participants during the course? Ideally everyone would follow the homework and the course as it comes, but failing that due to other commitments at least we'll have the know-how on hand for the future. We'll have lost the one-on-one help with you, of course, but still. Is this fine?

Hmmm. I see what you're saying. I'm thinking the courses will stand alone. St. Balthazar said on the Lemegeton list that in the grimoire traditions, the books became the initiators, and that's a great way to encapsulate my intent. The books and course work will give you the steps, and when you follow them, you get the Supernatural Assistant. I think you'd stand more chance of doing the work consistently in a group, where there's some accountability, some social pressure. You'll be doing the work solitary, but you'll have help.

Whole thing sounds great and I'm grateful you'd even do something like this, but I want to make sure I'm getting the most out of it. Thanks.
You're off to a good start. You're taking into account where you're at in life, and weighing the commitment thoroughly. That's the kind of approach that results in success.

In practice, we'll be talking about 30-45 minutes per day, split up between the morning when you wake up and the evening before you go to bed. The actual time spent in the Work is relatively small, and I think it fits into the schedule of your average working wo/man or even single mothers of three kids. I'll be timing the initiations to occur on the weekends (Saturn-day or Sun-day), and there are three time slots that can be used each day, so chances are good you'll be able to find one that fits into your schedule.


  1. Sigh. I so want to take this but can't afford it for a couple of weeks. Do you think you'll offer it at a later date?

  2. jetgirl,

    I'll be accepting payments through Nov. 15th. I'll also be offering the course four times a year, every three months. If you miss out this round, wait and take it next time. Everything comes together when the time is right.


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