Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Gettin' me a Bloom Box

Aww yeah, gonna be pumpin' out teh powers, makin' me some cash off BGE for a change, and Ima be chargin' them outrageous. Of course by then they'll be regulating what citizens can charge corporations. Fuckers.

But yeah, as soon as they start selling them to residential homes Ima be all over that.


  1. "our cells use a common sand-like powder" You mean, like silica? So who will be breathing that into their lungs to make these wonder boxes for you?

    Mind you, I'm not saying that this is an awful idea, I'm just saying that there are always costs...(where was the outrage over the last massive BP oil spill? Oh right, it was in Indonesia, so it doesn't count.)

  2. @Lavanah: they can build robots for that. They're aiming at having one that powers a single home be the size of your fuse box. They figure they'll sell for $3,000. If it can run off fuel produced in my garden, and produce only water as a waste product, I'd pound my own sand for that.

  3. I did a short presentation on the Bloombox for a class last semester. If it's all that it's supposed to be, I think it's a great option.


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