Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Made It!!!!

Dude, all those rituals for wealth and success and riches? They fucking worked!

Global Rich List

Check out THAT link. I'm in the richest 0.85% of the global population. I'm number 51,263,593 in the world. That only leaves 51,263,592 people to beat for the win!

I'm sure that's not the point of the link, but it's nice to know what my rank is, my standings, and have some idea of how many people there are to take out before I'm number 1.

Actually, the link isn't as accurate as I'd like. It tops out at the top 0.001%. Still, it's a useful guideline.

Thanks to Lavanah for the link.


  1. Dude, that is exactly what I have been saying.

    I actually used Global rich list as a source for the book.

  2. I don't know whether I ought to be excited by how high I am, or feel bad about the billions of people who are doing even worse than me.

    I was hoping there would be more folks I could turn to for help paying this electric bill...

  3. @Amnesia: Dude! Conjuring Bune to pay an electric bill burned my house down! Got the money to pay for the bill, but totally not worth it. Better to go without power. Candles and travel alarm clocks are cheap, and you'll learn amazing ways you've been wasting money on electricity. The things I don't need that I thought were essential are amazing.


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