Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Not a good time to curse BP

Don't curse BP, they're the only ones who can afford to do anything right now. Wait til AFTER they fix the leak, yo.

EDIT: And wait even after that. Cause there's too much shit going down, as Ron points out.


  1. What's the purpose of the curse? So they can go out of business, layoff their employees and cause energy prices to rise at a faster rate? In a recession?

    Maybe we can do some magick to assist them with producing oil in an efficient and safe manner.


  2. Ron, just trying to head off hot-headed magi and witches who might think they're helping, but would only leave us without anyone staffed, skilled, or economically flush enough to fix the problem.

  3. It's inefficient and it's not like they're solely to blame.

  4. Yeah, there's way too much hotheadedness going around. It seems like we are all at each others throats. And cursing BP after this problem is corrected would only cause more problems. The World is too much like a tender box right now.


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