Monday, May 10, 2010

Steampunky Goodness

An absolutely fabulous presentation of SteamPunking modification skills can be found at this site. A most awesome amplifier to go with a most awesome steel guitar, this guy is damned incredible. The craftsmanship rocks. And his shit's for sale!

That's the Amp he modded out over on the right. He calls it the Advanced Resonant Sound Transducer. It doesn't get much better than this. there are more images on his website.

What, you may ask, does this have to do with Magic?

If you have to ask, you haven't tried building a Table of Practice, Seven Planetary Sigils, or the Seals of the Spirits. That shit takes crafty skills, and watching artistic guys like this put their shit together teaches many useful talents.

And Steampunk is the coolest geek chic evar.

Check out the steel guitar image on the left. Tell me it gets better than this. And he named it "The Artful Dodger!" AND IT'S FOR SALE!! And he's making a case for it now. Dude! How cool is that? I want it. I don't know how to play it, and I don't care, I want it anyway. It's beautiful. But I'll let someone buy it who can do it justice by actually knowing how to play.

Thanks to Susanne Iles for tweeting the link to this blog. It's in my favorites now. The guy does custom work for people too, in case you have a project you'd like to have done that you can't do yourself.

One day I'll have the complete SteamPunk Hermetic Altar. The wand will have a couple of big brass steam chambers to hold crystals or herbs, and I'll call them its Big Brass Balls. The Pantacle will have brass gears set into it, the dagger hilt will too. don't know how I'll do the chalice. Someone will inspire me, I'm sure. I know the Planetary Archangels dig steampunk the most; they'll love their seals all tricked out.


  1. Fr. R.O.,

    Seeing the first picture on this post, I immediately flashed on the idea of making a device which back-projects sigils on to something like black paper or plastic. I have no doubt at all this would aid in meditation and invocation.


  2. Awesome. I love all things steampunk as well-I went so far as to commission a steampunk lightsaber of sorts, to use as a wand (during my pre-GD days). It's still a favorite!

    That guitar/amp combo is ridiculously sexy.

  3. I totally thought that the amp was a scrying mirror set up. I was all, "I wonder what the knobs do!" and then found out it was in fact, an amp.

    Now I want to design a functional scrying device with knobs that do.. things.


    Honestly, what WOULD the knobs do?

  4. Jow, the knobs would control the current's frequency and wave signature, like on an oscilloscope. You'd run the current through a metal seal on its way to illuminating the LEDs embedded below the plexiglass. You'd frost-etch the plexiglass with the Mirror of the Seven Winds image from the Picatrix. Then you'd find the right current/signature for each spirit.

  5. His work is gorgeous isn't it? I swore if I'd won his goggles I would have worn them everywhere...seriously.

    And... I just Loved your description of the tricked out Hermetic altar. I read it three times just for the awesomeness of it. I want one.

  6. Have you seen Datamancer's creations? Seems like it'd be right up this project's alley.

  7. Datamancer is awesome. I commissioned a steampunk-ish brass keyboard with Enochian letters from him a while back...thing's a work of art. You definitely get what you pay for with him.


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